A Message from Your Welfare Officer

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As the clubs Wellbeing Officer I thought I would reach out to you all at this challenging time.

Firstly I’d like to say thank you to all our members that are classed as ‘Key Workers’, from our doctors, emergency services to our Supermarket staff or Educators (whatever your role) thank you for doing your amazing jobs and keep safe.

Then to our members, many of us run because it helps keep our mental health on the right track, it helps us socialise, develop friendships as well as keeping fit. This time we are in is challenging those factors and we are having to think outside of the box to manage. Some may be living alone and can’t get out to see others, some may be financially in difficulties because this is affecting our jobs, some may be becoming overwhelmed by the stories alerts we are seeing or struggling because routines are changing and putting us out of sorts. As your wellbeing officer contact me and we can work on finding solutions together in a confidential and safe way.

We have all being instructed to run alone or in pairs only. For some this may be a challenge but I guess this is a short term challenge. but that is better than having some members not return in a few weeks/months. Be inventive, set each other challenges. If you’re not on a what’s app group message me and we can start a new one together. Could the admin of other groups even open up to other members. We can chat and challenge this way.

Set yourself new activities whilst stuck at home. So far my family have decorated, done jobs that we have been putting of for months, got jigsaws out and done them again, and the suns out today so we’re of out in the garden.

If you are isolating and need groceries, message the club and we can organise someone to help you out (not me I’m afraid as we are too).
I know some of you are sad having trained all winter for a long race and it’s now been delayed or cancelled. There will be other races and see the training you have done as a benchmark to spend the upcoming months to improve on what you’ve done so far.

Most of all, is this lack of running time to spend with your loved ones (where you can) who put up with us every week going of with our running friends and getting miles in when we could be with them, do things you done normally get time to do because your running and just enjoy them.

Remember, you can message me on kdrcwellbeing@gmail.com if you need advise or to chat. Let’s keep supporting each other electronically as we can’t in person