Arden 9: Race Management Vacancy


As some of you are aware our esteemed Arden 9 Race Director Mark Cordiner-Barton has recently left our sweet embrace to become an Atherstone Badger. He has however kindly agreed to continue directorship of the Arden 9 for 2019 at least. 

We are looking for a handful of individuals to step forward and take on the directorship of the event in the future, shadowing Mark for the next 6 months. 

Thank you for the informal expressions of interest so far. If you would be interested in entering the exciting world of race directing please email with your interest.

If you have any questions about the job please email as above and we’ll get Mark to respond with insight into the role.

We currently only organise The Arden 9 but there are many options for race directors to branch out for personal or club benefit and K&D will offer support and cover appropriate training courses where needed.

The Arden 9 is vital to keeping our subs low at £35. Organising it is no small task, you are supported by the Chair and various club members, but if a number of people step forward and you’d prefer we will look to form a management committee to share the workload.