Arden 9 Sponsorship


As you know the Arden 9 Race is a very important day in our Club’s year. With 400 entrants the race improves our local profile and helps to bolster the Club coffers!

This year we would like to improve the goodie bags given to each finisher by, for example, including a specially designed Arden 9 T-Shirt. For us to do this we either need to up the entrance fee, which we would prefer not to, or raise some money via Sponsors, which is where you may be able to help.

Many of us work for companies that will recognise an investment of a few hundred quid as a great way to support their local running community and keep their name in people’s minds.

We may be friends with someone who runs a local business that would appreciate the opportunity, or there are members who own companies that would benefit from being involved.

So….could you all get your thinking caps on and ask around where appropriate. Any interested party’s can drop me a line at

Following my email to you on this subject last week, a couple of members have already come forward with sponsorship offers, it would be great to have two more asap so that Mark and Amanda can crack on with organising the T-Shirts.