Art of Running Clinic Catch-Up

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Thank you to Malcolm Baulk and Susie Baker for the excellent coaching clinic last Thursday. Feedback has been fantastically positive and it was a pleasure to be able to share in their knowledge. For those of you looking to keep track of Malcolm’s recommendations here is a link to the Lunge Matrix and Warm-Up:
Here is the link to the Lunge matrix :
1) Gentle Bounce alternate feet – make sure heel drops. 3 minutes 
2) Malcolm’s recommended Warm up over 25 yards with a short run after each one:
1: skip with arms circling forward
2: skip with arms circling backwards
3: skip with right  arm circling forward, the left back
4: skip with right arm circling back and the left forward
5: skip sideways , right leg leading
6: skip sideways left leg leading
7: Carioca right leg leading 
8: Carioca left leg leading 
9: Butt kick
10: high skip (bounding)
11. Run backwards
12. Gentle accelerations (strides)  X 2 
Thank you to Sarah Connors for taking the time to organise the sessions and hosting Malcolm and Susie.