Berlin Marathon: Whatmore’s PB Blitzkreig

It was a wet weekend in Berlin but two hours of sun on Sunday morning saw Bekele narrowly miss a world record. A late downpour in the last hour didn’t disturn Steve Whatmore though. He paced brilliantly through the race to a spectacular 5 minute PB and a stunnin 2:48:05. Joining the sub 2:50 in the pouring rain.

Chairman Darren ran a season’s best in 2:56:38. Going out at an aggressive 1:25 halfway split almost, but not quite worked. Darren held on well despite a tough second half and with another winter under his belt will be eyeing his PB again.

Despite injuries in the build up and terrible weather for a large portion of her race Smita Deshpande ran a superb 5:13:42.