B’HAM Men’s XC League: Two for Two – Another K&D XC Win


What’s better than one league win on a Saturday? Two! After the women stormed the fields of Droitwich to dominate their division the men delivered an equally stunning victory on the Burton Dassett Mountain.

Who knew there was a mountain in Warwickshire? Spa Striders have found a corker of a course. Tougher than the callouses on Dicko’s feet K&D’s men took it in their stride to smash through the mountains and overcome altitude sickness and high winds.

Rob Michaelson-Yeates stole the limelight with an incredible 4th place, having improved from 16th to 11th to 4th over the three races. Just behind him trusty showpony Chris Sharp took 5th. A superb run considering recent lack of miles as his better glides through the women’s field. Chris Morgan (14th), Gareth Wainwright (16th), Jack Bristow (19th) and Nick Woolley (31st) made up a superb top-six. The men’s team scored a brilliant 89pts. Considering anything under 100 is a top-class score it exemplified how excellently they performed.

Simon Bentley (39th), Dave Carbutt (41st), Tim Price (47th), Tosten Roesler (52nd), Gary Polhill (61st), Richard Dixon (68th) made up a very strong ‘B’ Team.

Adding points to other teams were Greg Turner (94th), Paul Bentley (103rd), Pete Makepeace (123rd), Max Gimson (136th), Darren John (141st), Pete Austin (142nd), Phil Wood (157th) and Ian Voaden (172nd)

A special mention to for Edward Fraser Long who made his XC debut on the toughest course we’ve ever seen finishing a very respectable 144th.

K&D Men currently sit 2nd in the Division following last months difficult race when half our team were ill, injured, falling over or in the Arctic. Promotion is a real possibility with a tilt at the title an outside shot but still in reach on 9th Feb in Trentham. K&D’s men will need every man in Green and Gold turning out.