Birmingham XC League: Hangin’ with the Crewe

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Remember: Training cancelled tonight (11/12). Christmas Quiz doors open at 7pm, Quiz begins 7:30pm.

K&D’s Men continued their battle against the big boys of Division One in fine style last Saturday as Division 1 and 3 combinded due to venue snafu’s. With a few runners missing through injury and illness our men’s strength and depth continued to shine hrough as we sit 12th, having knocked 108 points off Match 1’s total. Finishing the match in 11th K&D men showed that will full team’s they’re looking up the table going into the second half of the season. Though they won’t be getting complacent and still need all men out.

Chris Sharp in 33:03 led the way with a superb 29th. He was followed in short order by Rob-Michaelson Yeates in 46th (33:49), Gareth Wainwright in 58th (34:24), Gary Polhill 64th (34:57), Chris Morgan 84th (35:31) and Tim Price who showed off his XC Cchops as ever in 120th (37:08).

Incredibly every K&D runner took points of the opposition’s A team’s in some form so a massive thanks to the likes of Ian Voaden, Phil Wood and Peter Austin!

Full Results:
Chris Sharp – 29th (33:03)
Rob Michaelson-Yeates – 46th (33:49)
Gareth Wainwright – 58th (34:24)
Gary Polhill – 64th (34:57)
Chris Morgan – 84th (35:31)
Tim Price – 120th (37:08)
Nick Woolley – 134th (38:02)
Richard Dixon – 143rd (38:40)
Greg Turner – 147th (38:57)
Rob Mundy – 158th (39:38)
Paul Baker – 159th (39:45)
Peter Austin – 183rd (43:11)
Ian Voaden – 197th (44:00)
Phil Wood – 202nd (45:00)

Match 2 – Senior Men’s Results:

Birmingham Cross Country League Div. 1 League Standings