Can You Run to Help Mark

We recently had an email enquiring about whether any K&D members would be able to run with a guy called Mark.

Mark is partially sighted and is in need of a running buddy to help him train. We replied and asked for a little more information.

Here is Mark’s reply :

I have been challenged by a close friend to run my first 10KM following him running for Guide Dogs at the Birmingham Half Marathon and watching the VI runners and their buddies set off first.  Unfortunately, he lives in West London so it will be impossible to train together.  After the 10KM, I would like to hope I can get to Half/Full Marathon level, but I would prefer to start with a smaller challenge.
So, I have no idea on my pace….yet….
In terms of fitness….I used to cycle to and from work in central London every day (18 Miles round trip) up until two years ago.  I still go to the gym twice a week but more for strength weight training than CV.  I am 38.
In terms of eyes….I am loosing my central vision which you use for reading, facial recognition and night time vision.  However, I still have good field vision, so can at times, act very normally, and then promptly trip on a curb!


So, can you help Mark by running as a buddy with him?

If you are interested just post a comment below or email

Mark will be happy to meet up with anyone who feels that they may like to help him before actually committing to do so.