Christmas Paarlauf

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Congratulations firstly to the 20 or so K&D’ers who braved a torrential and miserably wet night for our annual Paarlauf. The weather outside was frightful. The fire in the Forest delightful. But there was simply no where else to go, so let us run, let us run, let us run.

Congratulations to Greg Turner and Adeba Jama who employed revolutionary new Paarlauf tactics to take the win. Leading from the off Greg Turner gave a 3 minute lead on the rest of the field at the handover point. Greg and Adeba then joined forces like a mighty morphing festive Power Ranger as Greg employed Sub-2 Kipchoge like peacemaking for Adeba on her lap. He not only ensured she didn’t get lost, but he also helped her round to a super fast time. It took a stewards enquiry to establish no rules had been broken (like we have any rules!) and we applaud their ingenuity! Not a sentence we thought we’d use for Greg – so we’re assuming it was Adeba’s idea.

Greg and Adeba are now holders of the much converted golden gnomes Knowle and Dorridge until the next Paarlauf. And two bottles of Prosecco which we doubt very much will make it to the next Paarlauf.

Special mention to the unluckiest team of the night – Kay and Alan. Kay hurt his back and ended up walking and Alan got so lost we had to send the search party out. Bless you both, at least you made the write up and Paarlauf infamy! (You’re both heroes to me! – Chairman DJ).