Christmas Recap: Brueton Special


Santa delivered a special Christmas Day surprise for Gareth Lloyd (26:13), Jessica Woolley (20:48) and Greg Turner (18:51). Weird. Because I thought Santa only brought presents for well behaved runners. And we all know there’s no way Greg has been good all year. Congrats on your Baby Jesus Birthday PB’s.

As for the rest of the runners and riders, Chris Sharp led the way like Rudolph, in 16:58, Chris ‘Dasher’ Morgan ran 18:10 and Richard ‘Dobby’ Dixon ran 18:17.

For the women Jessica Woolley took first while the appropriately named Mary Heald ran (with Buggy, no donkey’s needed). Louise Bell rang in Christmas Day with third place in 22:59.

Short and sweet. Like the 6 hours sitting in front of TV with your uncle that smells a little too much of cabbage.