Christmas Roundup: Edwards makes it 100,000


Congrats to Caroline Edwards who got to celebrate being the 100,000th Brueton parkrun finisher. Knowle & Dorridge have now racked up 9160 parkrun finishes from 254 runners. 

Brueton parkrun #388 (23/12)

You’ve not lived until you’ve been chased round Brueton by Jane Evans jingling and dressed like a Christmas Elf. Gareth Wainwright, Jack Bristow and Chris Morgan ran 17:17, 17:25 and 17:36 chased by the Evans Elf. You’d have had to run quicker than the 18:53 to beat Jane’s bells round Brueton. Jane Hunt made it a 1-2 for the Janes in 23:08. While Nativity Mary Heald ran 23:56 with baby Jesus in his Running Buggy. What’s wrong with a traditional donkey? Although the buggies do corner better at high speed to be fair.

Brueton parkrun #389 (Christmas Day parkrun)

The most wonderful day of the year… Christmas Day parkrun. How else would you spend Crimbo Morning? Fresh air (Check), Loved Ones (Check), Hundreds of Santa Hats (Check), Presents still to be opened at 10:30am (Check). Perfect. Chris Sharp was lead reindeer in a comfortable 17:27. Followed by Dasher-Darren John in 18:34 and Richard Dancer-Dixon in 18:41. Our own Mary clocked 21:23, I’ve had too much Christmas chocolate and can’t remember if she was pushing little baby Jesus. Kate Marsh was 2nd in 26:42 (I won’t make jokes or she’ll take my presents back) and the Christmas-Cracker Sally Anderson ran 26:55.

Brueton parkrun #390 (30/12)

Gareth Wainwright kept the whippersnapper Jack Bristow at bay as they ran 17:39 and 17:53 followed by Darren John in 18:24. Jane Evans was foiled in gaining a place on Peter Brookes at the top of the first finishers record list due to the Tipton AC runner’s Christmas appearance at Brueton. Jane claimed another first woman fist bump though, running 19:47. 24:34 secured Louise Bell a second place K&D finish and Jane Hunt rounded out the top 3 with a 28:17.

Brueton parkrun #391 (New Years Day):

Gareth Wainwright opened the new year with a 17:47 followed by Darren John in 18:00 and Paul Bentley. Jane Hunt led the women in 23:29, Kathy Bailey in 26:31 and Kate Marsh in 26:39. 

Congrats to Paul Winwood who ran his 100th parkrun.