Club AGM – Wed 18th April


Please find the full notice of the Club’s Annual AGM as required by our Club Constitution. We will do a shorter run on the 18th followed by the Club AGM. It is very important people attend where possible.


Approval of last year’s minutes
Report of Men’s Captain
Report of Women’s Captain
Receive and approve accounts
Election of Officers:

The following Individuals are proposed, should you wish to stand and not be one of the below individuals you are welcome to do so. The club constitution allows for voting on the night. Anyone who would like to stand except those proposed should give notice at least 7 days prior to meeting.

Treasurer – Jan Hornby proposed
Ladies captain- Rosie Marsh Proposed
Membership secretary – Isabel Arthur Proposed

Non Management Roles:
Run leader Co coordinator – Jo Hitchcock
Welfare Officer – Katie Price

For purposes of consistency the same procedure for elected roles will be followed with Non-Management Roles, although there is no constitutional obligation to under  constitution clause 7.13 (nominate, delegate and assign specific tasks to officers or other members, whether or not they are already part of the management). It is good governance though.

We will also be looking for a Vice Chair to shadow Darren John in 2018/19 with a view to taking the club on in the future (be it 2020 or 2022). Should anyone wish to do so please do let the club know.  It is important to keep the club management rotating in order to share skills, development and maintain a freshness to the management.