All Club Members: Club Member Etiquette and parkrun support

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As a club we expect the highest standards from our members and that includes respect towards fellow runners, officials and event volunteers at all events as standard and irregardless of circumstances. 

With running being a small community, even when not in club-colours, a single recognised club member is reflective of the whole of K&D RC. We have an excellent reputation and the club committee is determined to ensure our well earned respect within the wider-community continues. 

The committee appreciates things happen in running events that may upset or frustrate you. Should you wish to speak to an event director of any race or run about an incident or issue please do feel free to contact the committee who will advise and offer support where we can and to ensure things are done in a way the befits the values of the club and all our members while addressing your concerns fully. Please remember that you represent everyone in the club. 

Helping on a Saturday 

Brueton parkrun has seen a massive rise in numbers since 2016. It is now vital that to ensure it continues to function you play a role in its organisation on a weekly basis. You are experienced runners who are needed to share your knowledge. Please stay religiously to the right of the path – you should not be crossing the white line.  If you see none club runners running on the left please encourage them to stay right. 

parkrun is a two way agreement between a very understanding set of volunteers and the runners. If this understanding breaks down then Brueton parkrun will stop.  As a club we have a responsibility to help the parkrun team with our skills and experience. 

Your Committee Supporting You

I know there will be situations that frustrate. I was left sitting on the side of the road at the Knowle Fun Run by St. Johns for 2 hours with a broken hip in 2014 before being told it was a muscle tear and given paracetamol and told to go home by them. My leg was snapped in two,  major surgery was needed and I was off work 4 months. You can imagine the frustration at the treatment…

But please remember without volunteers we have no events, club or sport.  A polite email or conversation after is much more likely to fix any situation and your club committee will always support you in that. 

Thank you for your support and consideration. You are to a person a pleasure to work with and I’m sure going forward every one of you will help contribute to the positive running community we are building in Solihull.