Club Membership is Now Overdue – Renewal Time


Last Year K&D had 243 registered athletes.

So far 121 of you have renewed for 2018/19

I’ve either made enough bad jokes to scare 122 of you off… or you’re going to end up on Ann’s naughty list. Don’t make her wax her spanking paddle…(Unless that’s why you haven’t renewed yet?)

If you want to keep Chairman Darren employed by England Athletics (most important), get your £2+ race discount, enjoy one of the half dozen free race opportunities, get your Helix Sports, B’ham Runniner (Real Buzz) and New Balance discounts and enjoy nights like our evening with Dame Kelly… then you’ll need to renew your subs:

We’re pretty chillax as the kids say. We don’t check you’re a member at the door, or stop people training who haven’t paid their subs. But we do trust you’ll spare £35 for a whole year’s K&D fun.

If you have any issues paying, and we all do at some point, please feel free to email the club who will treat any issues with complete confidence and offer our support.

If you don’t want to renew you’ll need to resign (an old athletics rule from about 1726). Email the club and we’ll pass it on to Ann. We fully appreciate people’s lives, priorities and commitments change so its no biggie and we’ll always think of you as K&D at heart!