Club Records Wanted


Chairman Statto is keen to establish an order of merit for those of you who feel you may hold a club record. It’ll be like the Queen’s honours list except you don’t get to go to a castle, wear a fancy hat or get a badge pinned on to you by a man with a sword. Though if anyone has a sword and a whimsical approach to health and safety please see me on Wednesday.

Keen not to just make this a list of Chris Sharp and Jane Evans (we love you both though) we are seeking records for a number of age groups:

Masters 35+
Masters 50+
Masters 60+

Distances will be determined by standard race distances:

5k (Non parkrun but including track)
5 Miles
Half Marathon
parkrun (must be set at Brueton parkrun for a measure of consistency).

Rules. Because without rules we’re just a bunch of hairless apes in jumpers throwing who know’s what at each other and climbing trees.

You must have been a K&D Affiliated Athlete when performance was performed. i.e. If you ran a world record but in a vest of another club it don’t count!

Race must be UKA licenced and appear on Power of 10 unless good reasons why not are provided (i.e. equivalent standards met in a World Major Marathon race such as Berlin or other reputable international race… Steve Evans’ 5k down Mount Snowdon face first doesn’t count as a 5k record despite doing it in 2 1/2 minutes). 

Because parkrun’s vary wildly only results from Brueton count for K&D record purposes unless otherwise agreed by K&D committee (such as in case of a parkrun in Knowle starting or Brueton developing a massive hill).

If you think you own a club record in any of the above categories please email a link with your record and preferable a link to the race result to