Committee Meeting Minutes

Knowle & Dorridge Running Club
Committee Meeting
Monday 03rd November 2014 at 7.30pm

 Attendees : Richard Dixon (Chair), Jane Hunt (Membership Secretary), Felicity Sharp (Treasurer), Claire Magee (Ladies Captain), Simon Bentley (Men’s Captain), Tim Price, Monica Green, Tracey Davies, Amanda O’Leary.

Apologies : Sally Anderson (Secretary), Mark Cordiner, Max Mladenovic

Minutes taken by Richard Dixon

ACTION POINTS                                              Responsible            Timescale
K&D Day at Brueton Park Run                          Chair, Linda               Immediate
Sponsor Dorridge & or Knowle Fun Run           Chair                          Immediate
New Runners Data Capture Form                     Chair                          Immediate
Interclub Race 2015                                           Chair                         Ongoing
Warwks, Midland, National XC updates             Men’s&Ladies Capt   Immediate
Midland 12 & 6 Stage Relays alert members     Men’s&Ladies Capt   Ongoing
Club Coaching figurehead                                  Chair                         Immediate
K&D Press Coverage                                         Tracy                         Immediate

  1. Welcome, Introductions and Apologies
    1.1 The Chair opened the meeting at 19.40.
    1.2 Apologies were received as above.
  2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting
    2.1 The Chair corrected point 13.4 from the previous committee meeting as Monica Green has been assigned to work on the kit re-stock.
    2.2 The minutes of the previous meeting were then agreed to be a true reflection and accurate record of the meeting and signed by the Chair.
  3. Membership Update
    3.1 JH advised that we now have 138 fully paid members. 68 ladies and 70 men.
    3.2 Discussions on ways to attract new members included the Chair to speak with Linda Whitehead about a Club Day at Brueton Park Run, asking members regularly at Park Run to approach fast runners who are not aligned to another club, offering One Years Free Membership to the fastest non-Club finishers at the Dorridge Fun Run as a sponsorship offer, the same for the Knowle Fun Run.
  4. Treasurers Update
    4.1 FS provided a forecast of the Clubs Finances for the remainder of the financial year. The forecast indicates a surplus of £1,000 which the Committee agreed was a prudent policy.
    4.2 Since the last Committee meeting FS confirmed income of £450 and outgoings of £650.
    4.3 RD to email Ray Morgan to check about the Clubs payment for Mens entry to the Cross Country League as FS reports no payment made as yet.
  5. Captains Update
    5.1 Warwickshire Road Race Final Standings. CM confirmed the Ladies ended 4th and the Ladies Vets 3rd. SB confirmed that the Men finished 2nd overall.
    5.2 Midlands 6 Stage Road Relays. We put out two Ladies and two Men’s teams all of whom performed creditably. The Men’s A Team put in an outstanding performance to qualify for the Nationals. Unfortunately due to other commitments we were not able to put a team out that would have been a fair representation of the Club for the Nationals on this occasion.
    5.3 Cross Country preview. CM reported a healthy response from the Ladies and is looking forward to a good season. SB is confident that numbers will see an A and B team turning out for the Men as usual. Response to an email he had sent was a little quiet so a further communication will be sent.
    5.4 CM and SB will send out further communications regarding the Warwickshire Cross Country Champs, Midland Cross Country Champs and National Champs. As usual the Club will pay the entrance fees for members who want to run these events. If a member pulls out without a credible reason having asked to be entered the member will be expected to cover the cost of the entrance fee.
    5.5 The Midland 12 & 6 Stage Relays will be held in Sutton Park on 28th March 2015. CM and SB to advise members likely to make up their A teams to keep the date free.
  6. Arden 9 Update
    6.1 AOL confirmed the date for 21 June 2015.
    6.2 TP, MC and AOL will be meeting with Gavin Davies on 17 November to start planning.
    6.3 RD, MC and Gavin Davies will be at the AGM of the WRRL on 10 November to represent the Club and the Race.
    6.4 It was agreed that entry will be encouraged via Myraceapp managed by SB.
  7. Club Coaching Update
    7.1 RD expressed disappointment that we have not been able to put in place a structure to improve and add variety to the Wednesday Club Runs. The meeting agreed that we need to find a figure head to manage those members that have completed the Leadership Course funded by the Club. Suggestions were made which JH and RD will follow up on.
    7.2 SB confirmed that he will be running a session on the first Wednesday of every month.
  8. Club Website
    8.1 RD confirmed that the new Club website is now live and thanked the membership for their patience as the time it had taken to get a new site in place was far longer than he would have liked.
    8.2 Committee members should encourage all members to register for the site.
    8.3 RD thanked SB for his excellent contribution to getting the new site up and live.
    8.4 RD mentioned that he and SB are set up to manage content on the site and that MM had expressed an interest in being able to do so. TD and CM also would like to have access to the back office and it was also suggested that Geoff Lewis be offered the opportunity. RD to approach Geoff and also set up MM, TD and CM as content contributors.
    8.5 TD to check on the admin users for the Club’s Facebook page and advise RD of passwords.
  9. Club Handicap Races
    9.1 RD suggested that for the Club Handicap to work properly we need a member to manage it. A discussion took place regarding whether the Club Handicap was valued by members and a number of different views were expressed. RD agreed to canvass the opinion of members.
  10. Interclub Race
    10.1 RD to speak with contact at the Old Sils as possible venue if we decide to host.
  11. Club Kit
    11.1 MG reported on discussions with Birmingham Runner. It was agreed that the Club would purchase 12 Men’s and 12 Ladies running vests to keep at the Cricket Club to sell directly to members. The new club T-Shirts will be stocked by Birmingham Runner. It was agreed that Birmingham Runner should order 25 Men’s and 25 Ladies T-Shirts. The costs of the vests and the T-Shirts will be £15.
    11.2 Birmingham Runner will be at Club on Wednesday 1st December to sell existing kit to members and hopes to have the new T-Shirts in stock to sell on the night as well.
  12. Christmas Social
    12.1 It was agreed that a good old beer and curry night on Saturday 29th November should be arranged. RD to email members.
    12.2 Boxing Day run. This will be run as per last year. TD happy to arrange post-run tea & cakes.
  13. Awards Night
    13.1 RD suggested that the date of the Awards night should be moved to May/June as the traditional March date always seemed to clash with the 12 Stage Relays and members Marathon training. The committee agreed.
    13.2 SA agreed post meeting to manage arrangements for the Awards night.
  14. K&D in the press
    14.1 SB has been keen to see the club improve its profile in the local press. The meeting agreed that we needed to find a more pro-active solution than the current one. TD suggested a member that she will approach.
  15. Next Committee Meetings
    15.1 Dates were agreed to meet on 12th January, 23rd February and 23 March.

The meeting closed at 21.35.