January Committee Meeting Minutes

Knowle and Dorridge Running Club

Committee Meeting

12 January 2015 at 19:30



Attendees:        Richard Dixon (RD, Chairman), Sally Anderson (SA, Secretary), Max Mladenovic (MM),

Tracy Davis (TD), Jane Hunt (Membership Secretary), Amanda O’Leary (AOL),

Monica Green (MG), Claire Magee (CM), Tim Price (TP)


Apologies:          Simon Bentley (SB), Flick Sharp (FS), Mark Cordiner-Barton (MCB)



Action Responsible Timescale
Press releases for Knowle Fun Run and Dorridge race All / 0-3 Challengers On-Going
New runner data capture form RD 23rd February 2015
Date for Interclub Race to be agreed RD 23rd February 2015



Future Agenda Item Responsible Timescale
Arden 9 AOL /MCB 23rd February 2015
Awards Dinner SA 23rd February 2015


  1. Welcome and Apologies
    • The Chair opened the meeting at 19.35.
    • Apologies were received and accepted from Simon Bentley, Flick Sharp and Mark Cordiner-Barton .


  1. Minutes from the Previous Meeting
    • The minutes were approved for accuracy and signed by the Chair as a true reflection of the previous meeting.


  1. Matters Arising from the Previous Meeting
    • RD advised that discussions were ongoing with Linda Whitehead regarding the club day at Brueton Park run. After a short discussion the date was agreed as 14th February 2015.  The club has race commitments the weekend before and the weekend afterwards and despite being half term this was deemed the most appropriate.
    • Discussions have been held with Ian Curtis regarding sponsorship for the Dorridge 8 race who is considering a number of options. Sarah Connors is liaising with the relevant contact for the Knowle Fun Run.    A write up has been requested for the Knowle magazine in advance of the fun run, it was suggested a member of Geoff’s 0-3 group provide some words on their running journey with the club.
    • The new runners data capture form is still to be completed.
    • RD has discussed options for the Interclub race with the Old Sils. They have confirmed the use of the club for the race. Spa, Stratford and Kenilworth have been invited to join the race, all three have accepted.  A date is to be agreed pending confirmation of the WRRL calendar.  It was agreed the race is likely to be run during the summer holidays.
    • Club coaching sessions have received positive feedback. A request has been made by Sarah Connors for additional support for these sessions.
    • Further consideration is to be given to club press coverage. TD advised that Claire Deeley has been working on promoting the 0-3 mile challenge. SB has provided Claire with details on Jane Evans recent Masters win.  It was agreed the photographs wherever possible are required to support the press release.


  1. Secretary Update
    • All race entries to date have been complete.
    • Following a number of recent emails regarding the National Cross Country in February, a quote has been obtained for a minibus for runners and supporters for the day.  The proposal would be discussed outside of the meeting.


  1. Treasury Update
    • A bank summary was provided by FS.
    • The bank balance as at 3 November 2014 was £3,925. Net movement of funds during the month was c£600.
    • Balance as at the meeting date was £3,394.
    • Main expenditure incurred related to the redevelopment of the website, race entries and new club vests.


  1. Membership Update
    • JH advised that membership has increased by 11 since the last meeting to 148.
    • A small number of members still have outstanding subs.
    • One member has transferred out and one is in the process of transferring in.
    • Members emergency telephone numbers are being updated and collated and a list will be retained in the club house.
    • A request was made for members to update the club if their contact details change. A reminder will be sent with the annual subs request.


  1. Ladies Captain Update
    • CM confirmed that the ladies cross country is progressing well with an average of 10 runners per race.
    • The Ladies Senior team are currently ranked 11th overall (of 30) with the Masters 5th.
    • Jane Evans won the recent Warwickshire Championship event. The winners trophy remains to be collected. Congratulations were also given to Karen Brennan and Sarah Nolan on their running.
    • RD congratulated CM on the consistent number of runners and overall achievement. AOL commented that as it is difficult to compare one cross country race with another it can feel a good place to start competitive running.
    • No ladies team has been entered in either the Midland or National Cross Country races, however it is likely there will be two teams for the 6 stage road relays in March.


  1. Mens Captain Update
    • RD advised that the men continue to perform well with 13-16 per race. Injuries are preventing a number from entering.
    • Subject to there being no major changes at the next race, the A team are likely to finish 5th out of 18 and the B team 5th out of 14 in the league for the year. Individually Chris Sharp is 8th and Joe Read 11th.
    • It was noted to progress to Division 1 at least two more top 50 finishers are required.
    • Teams have been entered for the Midlands and National cross country races. Two teams are likely for the 12 stage road relays.


  1. Arden 9 Race
    • AOL advised planning progresses on her side. TP has provided MCB with the necessary information for the race to be loaded onto Runners World, which has been done.
    • It is understood the risk register details have been sent and a response is waited.
    • A meeting with Chris Barnes is still to be organised.
    • The 10.30 start time remains.
    • A discussion took place regarding the goodie bag content. The budget of £1 per person limits the options; mugs and medals are £1 each with technical t-shirts starting at £3. The latter would require the full support of Hampton due to the impact this would have on the profit.
    • A request was made for sponsorship / prizes from within the club.
    • AOL advised that again, Birmingham Runner would be prepared to provide vouchers and a further meeting with AOL is scheduled for end of January / early February.


  1. 0-3 Mile Challenge
    • TD advised that 21 people have taken up the challenge.
    • Club support has been requested for the 7th February 2015 park run; the date the 0-3 challengers will be running.
    • It was agreed that coffee and cake could be provided in the café afterwards for those challengers who wished to stay and a congratulatory certificate with the times would be provided the following week.
    • RD questioned the likelihood of the challengers joining the club post the Park run. TD confirmed that a few may well, however consideration needs to be given to which group they may join as Wednesday nights may still be too long or too fast and Friday mornings may not be an option. Options will be discussed at a later date.
    • Congratulations and thanks were given to Geoff and TD for their hard work in supporting the challenge.


  1. AGM and Committee Re-Elections
    • RD advised that the committee is made of six club officials plus six social officer members. Once elected posts are for two years with the option to stand down after one. If  at the end of the two years of office, no one else stands, individuals can stand for re-election.
    • It was agreed that there needs to be a balance within the club with everyone having some involvement in the running at some level. Not just the few managing the many.
    • RD confirmed that his two year term ends this April and he will not be standing again. A new Chair will be sought. The committee were asked to consider succession planning and how a new Chair would be supported. One option being through the appointment of a Vice Chair.


  1. Awards Dinner
    • Post meeting SA confirmed that the Awards Dinner would take place on Saturday 9th May 2015 at the Forest Hotel in Dorridge.


  1. Interclub Race
    • MM confirmed that the race route had been mapped out; consideration to be given to pinch points along the way.
    • Further consideration to be given to the marshalling of the race, particularly the exit onto Jacobean Lane. Caution Runner signs are to be used.


  1. Website
    • It was agreed the new website is more user friendly and being used more.
    • RD has asked the web designers to change the forum comments on a topic so the newest post is at the top.
    • RD confirmed members can add freely to the forum but not the content of any news article.


  1. Date and Time of Next Meeting
    • The next meeting is scheduled for Monday 23rd February at 7.30pm



The meeting ended at 20.40