Committee Minutes 23/03/15

Knowle & Dorridge Running Club

Committee Meeting Minutes – 23 March 2015

 Chairman Welcome – Richard Dixon

Attendees – Richard Dixon (RD, Chair), Sally Anderson (SA, Secretary), Jane Hunt (JH, Membership Secretary), Simon Bentley (SB, Mens Captain), Claire Magee (CM, Ladies Captain), Flick Sharp (FS, Treasurer), Max Mladenovic (MM), Monica Green (MG), Tim Price (TP), Amanda O’Leary (AOL), Tracy Davis (TD)

Apologies – Mark Cordiner-Barton (MCB)

RD opened the meeting at 19.35. As the final Committee Meeting of the Club’s year, RD thanked all Committee Members for their service over the last 12 months.

The minutes from the last Committee Meeting 23 February 2015 were approved.

Review of Action Points from previous Committee Meeting.

Action Responsible Timescale
Press releases for Knowle Fun Run and Dorridge race magazinesGoing forward the Committee are keen to achieve a higher PR profile for the club in the local press. RD to follow up with Claire Deeley. RD – Claire DeeleyRD – Claire Deeley DoneOngoing
Club Coaching – Nutrition TalkPost last meeting TP suggested Matt Kendrick of MK Health Hub as an expert on Nutrition. The Committee agreed that TP should liaise with Matt to organise an evening in late Spring/early Summer. TP Ongoing
Interclub RaceNo need for a Race Licence although SB and TP recommend the Police be informed. Also suggest advise local Equastrian Centre & householders. RD Ongoing
Club Coaching – New Run LeadersA key focus for the Club in the next 12 months should be to increase the number of Run Leaders. RD Ongoing

Membership Secretary Update – Jane Hunt

No change in numbers since last Committee Meeting. 7 new members and 4 of the 0-3 milers will be joining when renewals go out for next years membership.

RD to send JH a tuition video on re-subscribing members who have accidently unsubscribed from our club email lists.

RD & JH to meet to review lists as the numbers on the Mens & Ladies lists do not tally with the total club membership.

RD & JH to identify members that have not registered as users on the club website and request that they do so. Going forward it is likely that the renewals process can be managed via the website so it is important that members register.

There remains a problem with spam registration. In conjunction with the developers RD has put a short term block on spam registration but a more robust permanent solution needs to be found. RD to follow up with developers.

The Membership Renewal email will be sent by RD post meeting. Renewals are due from 01 April 2015.

Treasurer Update – Flick Sharp

Finances in ship shape order. The club bank balance at 23/03/15 showed a credit of £3,688 with budgeted outgoings of £3,280 due leaving a surplus of £408.

AOL reported that the final money due from the 2014 Arden 9 had been received from Hampton Tennis Club. FS & AOL will follow up accordingly.

2015 Membership Subscriptions.

To enable the Club to fund further run leaders, bring in further experts to speak to members, and generally enhance K&D membership RD proposed that subs should rise to £35 for the year beginning 01 April 2015. This will also allow members to participate in the Interclub Run for free.
The Committee was unanimous in supporting the proposal.

Captains Update – Simon Bentley & Claire Magee

Both Captains – Updates on Teams for the Midlands 12 & 6 Stage Relays.

SB reported that whilst we had entered two mens teams for the 12 stage relays, numbers have meant that only one team will participate. This is disappointing.
CB reported 2 ladies teams of 6 will participate.

Both Captains – RD asked that both Captains are active in encouraging members to run in Warwickshire Road Race League fixtures. First race is the Massey 5 on Easter Sunday 5th April.

Update on changes being proposed for Ladies Cross Country League.

CM attended the AGM for the Ladies Cross Country League on behalf of K&D. After much discussion it is likely that the Ladies will stay with the Men for a further 12 months running at 4 venues.

Entries for BUPA London 10k – 25 May 2015.

SB & CM reported 5 men & 5 ladies places taken leaving 1 further free place available for men & ladies. The Captains will work to ensure that these last places are taken before SA submits final entries.

Arden 9 Update

Update on K&D Sponsor Prizes – Amanda O’Leary

AOL reported that we have now raised £950 from sponsors towards providing a better prize. MCB has also donated the £140 due to him from the Run Leaders Course. The Committee thanked MCB for his generosity.

AOL to follow up with Dynamic Rides re sponsorship money and logo.

AOL showed the T-Shirt Northbrook provide to finishers of their 10k as an example of what we can do with the funds now available.

AOL reported that the Race Licence has now been applied for and that we have a confirmed medic and that Jerrom will also be available.

Secretary Update – Sally Anderson

Awards Night Saturday 9th May 2015 at The Forest .

SA presented a cost forecast for the Annual Dinner. Last year 70 attended at a cost of £20 per ticket which included a two course meal.

It was agreed to keep ticket costs at £20 each with the club funding the remaining costs which will equate to £5-7.50 per ticket plus awards shields and possibly some fun prizes.

All agreed that we could organise music ourselves as we did last year. It was felt that having a photographer would be good. RD & SA to follow up with contacts they have.

SA suggested we have a hats, glasses, moustaches theme for the evening. This would not be obligatory. All agreed that the theme would be fun.

SA to organise “invitations” and start promoting.

Awards to be given.

Knowle & Dorridge RC Awards
Best Male
Best Female
Most Improved Female
Most Improved Male
Club Person
Most Inspiring
Most Committed
Friday Award

SB & CM to think about their awards for Most Improved Male & Female. The Club Person Award is voted for by members. Winners were agreed for the remaining awards.

SB proposed that the awards shields show Winners as 2014/15 to reflect the awards covering the season from 01 April 2014 – 31 March 2015. This was agreed.

There will also again be a Chairman’s Award.

Date for AGM & Committee Re-Elections – Richard Dixon

The AGM is Wednesday 15th April. Richard Dixon will send notification shortly with invitations for members to stand for election to vacant positions on the Committee.

Committee members serve two years then automatically stand down. If no-one else wishes to stand for the position they are vacating and the committee member wishes to remain in their role they are free to put themselves forward for a further year.

Committee members who have not completed their full two years are not obliged to continue in their positions and may stand down if they have reason to do so.

However, to maintain continuity and the smooth running of the club, Committee members are encouraged to remain in their positions for the full term.

Members of the Committee who will be vacating their positions at the AGM are :-

Richard Dixon – Chair
Amanda O’Leary
Max Mladenovic
Tracy Davis
Tim Price
Monica Green

AOB :-

Next Committee Meeting – to be arranged post AGM.