Committee Minutes 23/02/15

Knowle & Dorridge Running Club

Committee Meeting Minutes – 23 February 2015

The minutes from last Committee Meeting 12 January 2015 were approved.

Chairman Welcome – Richard Dixon

Committee in Attendance – Richard Dixon (RD), Flick Sharp (FS), Tim Price (TP), Max Mladenovic (MM), Amanda O’Leary (AOL), Mark Cordiner-Barton (MCB), Claire Magee (CM), Jane Hunt (JH).

Guest – Geoff Lewis (GL)

Apologies – Sally Anderson, Simon Bentley, Monica Green, Tracy Davies

Secretary Update – Sally Anderson

Review of Action Points from previous Committee Meeting.


Action Responsible Timescale
Press releases for Knowle Fun Run and Dorridge race magazines All / 0-3 Challengers On-Going
New runner data capture form RD Done
Date for Interclub Race to be agreed as Wednesday 22 July. RD Done


RD to follow up with Claire Deeley regarding recent and future press releases.

Membership Secretary Update – Jane Hunt

Member numbers stand at 151. 73 men and 78 women.

Initiatives to attract new members – We have agreed prizes of one year’s free membership with the Knowle Fun Run for the first local senior male & female runners that do not belong to a running club. In return we are featured in the programme and on the website. A similar proposal has been discussed with Dorridge Fun Run who have requested a charity donation in return. The committee agreed £50, RD to relay to the race organisers.

Review of zero – 3 mile challenge – As Tracy Davies was unable to attend the meeting to report on the initiative the committee welcomed GL who provided a full report as below. GL suggests that 6 to 10 of the challengers may well join. The option of repeating the challenge in the Summer and then again next January was discussed. It was decided that once a year is sufficient and that we can build a waiting list of any interested parties. RD thanked GL for his efforts in what has been a most successful initiative. Full report below.

Treasurer Update – Flick Sharp

Cash balance at 15 January – £3,349.60. Debits since £248, credits £170. Cash balance at 23 February £3,271.86. Budgeted outgoings still to pay £2,650 by year end 31 March 2015.

FS reported the £200 deposit has been paid for the Annual Awards dinner on 9th May.

2015 Membership Subscriptions

RD asked the Committee to consider the merits of raising Membership Subs to £35 for the year 2015/16. This would enable the club to do more for members and thus add more value to membership. MM felt that a phased rise may be better. AOL mentioned subs from her previous club being lower so felt current subs were fine. RD reminded the meeting that subs had been the same for 5 years and that after contributions to the Cricket Club and England Athletics we were currently only receiving £13 per year per member. TP reported membership of another local club at £100 per year with coaching at £2 per session on top. RD asked the committee to give further thought to the matter before a vote at the next committee meeting.

Captains Update – Simon Bentley & Claire Magee

Both Captains – Updates on the Final Cross Country League standings.

SB – Credit to Chris Sharp for finishing 16th overall – definitely the best one of our runners has ever placed – and of course, to the team overall for 5th in the league and completing a B team at every race to finish 5th in the B League.

The Warwickshire Championships was held at Cofton Park in Birmingham on a gruelling and muddy 10k course.  Chris Sharp finished an excellent 11th place in the Senior Men’s race and Club Captain Simon Bentley, returning from injury, a superb 7th in the Masters Men’s race.

In the Midland Championships at Wollaton Park in Nottingham Chris Sharp was again our top runner finishing in 74th with Simon Bentley in 108th, Pete Grime in 115th and Club Chairman Richard Dixon in 154th on a tough and hilly 12k course.

Against 2005 of the very best runners in the Country the K and D men competed in the National XC Championships at Parliament Hill in London on 21stFebruary.  Joe Read led the team home with a fantastic 280th place, followed by Tim Price in 453rd, Pete Grime in 531st, and Richard Dixon in 662nd.

CM – 18 different ladies participated in the 4 League Fixtures, a great turnout! K&D finished 8th out of 30 in the League and 5th Maters Team from 30.

Both Captains – Updates on Teams for the Midlands 12 & 6 Stage Relays. Deadline for entry 5th March.

SB – Requires further names for a team of 12.

CM – 9 Ladies so far, would like to get up to 12 to enter two teams of 6.

Both Captains – RD asked that both Captains begin encouraging members of all abilities to take part in races that make up this year’s Warwickshire Road Race League. First race is the Massey 5 on Easter Sunday 5th April.

Changes being proposed for Ladies Cross Country League

In advance of the Ladies Cross Country League AGM on 9th March proposals have been received from Leamington which suggest either the 1). Ladies League being split into two or  2). That over a period of three years the Ladies and Mens Leagues be merged into one. CM has canvassed opinions and RD shared feedback received from SB. After discussion the meeting felt that of the two proposals option 1 was the more practical which CM will keep in mind if it comes to a vote at the forthcoming AGM.

Discuss entry to Two Castles

Two Castles entries opens on Monday 2nd March. The organisers have put aside a limited number of places per club as part of it’s commitment to the WRRL. After discussion the meeting decided that members should try to enter, if they find the race to be full, then they should contact RD to go on the list for one of the club places. These places would be allocated based on members previous WRRL entries. RD to advise membership to enter Two Castles asap and make members aware of the club places allocated.

Discuss entries for BUPA London 10k – 25 May 2015

The club gets 6 free entries for men and the same for women to form teams. CM and SB will promote to the men and the women. Names of runners need to be advised to Sally Anderson by the end of April.

Arden 9 Update – Mark Cordiner-Barton

MCB provided a schedule of 25 tasks and where things stand on each one. The key task that requires completion is to secure the Race Licence. MCB is following up with SB regarding council matters.

Three sponsors have been secured to help us provide an improved prize in the goody bags. AOL advised that we will need one more sponsor to give us a chance of having a branded T-Shirt which is the aim. FS advises that her Father may be able to help with the printing of the T-Shirts.

Entries for the Arden 9 are now open. RD to begin social media activity.

Club Coaching – Richard Dixon

Tracy Davies has been in touch with RD to say that there are a couple of ladies interested in becoming Run Leaders. RD would also like to see further members join the K&D “Coaching” Team headed by Sarah Connors. FS confirmed that finances will allow two more members to do the course now which RD will convey to Tracy. The ability to fund further members will depend on finances going forward.

RD asked for feedback following the recent evenings run by Sarah Connors and Dave Cripps. MM asked how many members had attended each, AOL confirmed 32 at Dave Cripps talk and TP confirmed a similar figure attended Sarah’s talk. MM impressed the importance of speakers appealing to all abilities. The merit of having these talks post club run or on a different evening was discussed. RD suggested the club paying for an expert to visit the club as part of the value that increased membership subs would provide. RD mentioned nutrition as a subject that members would be interested in learning more about which the meeting agreed. Holding 2-4 talks per year should be the aim.

AOB :-

Date for AGM & Committee Re-Elections – Richard Dixon

The AGM was set for Wednesday 15th April to be held at Knowle and Dorridge Cricket Club. Formal notification will be sent out to the members after the next Committee Meeting.

Awards Night Saturday 9th May 2015 at The Forest  – Update Sally Anderson

The room has been booked and deposit paid.

Next Committee Meeting – 23 March 2015.
Geoff’s Zero-3 Mile Report

As you know the Challenge was completed on Saturday 7th in Brueton Park.

The joy on the faces on the photograph tells the story really.

Results below thanks to Tracy compiling them:

Name                                      Time

Karen Stapley                       28.40

Craig Howarth                       30.08

Nigel Collins                          30.17

Baldev Korotania                  31.34

Sophia Noor                          31.53

Amanda Marklew                 32.01

Pamela Roberts                    32.06

Sarah Riley                           32.10

Kelly Rock                              32.18

Paul Jeffrey                            33.03

Jan Hornby                            33.04

Penny Garner                       34.24

Jo Tork                                   34.35

Liz Steel                                 35.22

Amy Flynn                             35.23

Fiona Holland                        35.31

Gill Boake                              37.11

Marie Howarth                     37.34

Michelle Mchugh                 37.42

19 did the run out of 21 participants altogether. From where I was I think that most ran without stopping.

The times may not look brilliant at first sight but for many this was after only 28 days in training – and remember that we all started there once!

Tracy and I have devised a written What next? plan approved by Richard and sent to the group to try and retain as many as possible in the club. This Wednesday evening will tell, but I hope that 6/8 will join the Improvers straight away and they should be absorbed without much difficulty after a couple of weeks. All have been advised that they must now continue running 3 sessions (about 10 miles weekly) if they want to progress eg Mons, Weds and Sats. Continuing participation in the Park Run is the key to measure their improvement.

Simon and Tracy have been kind enough to offer further sessions for a few weeks more (Simon for all on Mondays and Tracy on club evenings for the slower ones when she is free – as well as her Friday 9.15 group).  When Simon ends his extra sessions on Mondays we have suggested the Ladies’ Hills. If we could get half a dozen extra ladies going there regularly it would put life back in the session – and it really doesn’t matter how slow they are because it is more about individual performance. Also we have suggested that the slower ones could still meet up on club evenings when Tracy is not free at whatever time they prefer and arrange their own run – they are perfectly capable of doing that.

In an ideal world we would have a leader prepared take out an 11 min mile group – and push them. But we need a volunteer and probably a qualified LIRF. That’s not possible at present but I think that we have offered the next best thing to help them. It’s down to the slower ones now to put in the recommended training and improve their Park Run PB towards 30 min – they can then join the Improvers if they wish.

Financially they will run with the club as visitors FOC for a few weeks before joining as full members w/e 1st April (less the £20 course fee already paid). They have added £420 to the club’s funds this year less the cost of contents of their goody bags £9.74! If, say, 12 join up in April then, yes they will pay a reduced sub, but we will have 12 members that we would not otherwise have had.

Finally a very big thank you to Tracy and Simon for leading their sessions and other valuable input – and offering to continue more – the challenge would simply not have been possible without them; Claire Deeley for marketing the event so well and to Ann S-D and Claire for pacing the actual run on Saturday.

Low point – one lady complained after a week that she had put on 2lbs and what was I going to do about it?!

High points – many, but Simon’s inspired offer to lead at Norman Green on Mondays just as a change of venue and Tracy for repeating her Friday 9.15 session on Friday evening for the workers – also for suggesting B’ham Runner for the bag part of the goody bags.

Many have suggested repeating it. That would be great and we have done the spadework now and learnt a few lessons along the way so it will be easier next time. We have been very lucky with the weather which could have spoiled the running sessions but didn’t. I seem to have spent much more time on the keyboard than running though!

Speaking only for myself I think that we could all do with a break from it now – maybe next January???