Committee Vacancies: April 2020

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Alas, all good things must come to an end. With April ahead of us it is time to advertise vacancies for committee positions where your dear leadership team are stepping down. Some need to organise weddings, some need to organise their sock draw, but all have given a great deal to the club as we celebrate land speed records, record membership, record success, record cake consumption and a generally sucessful time at K&D. I guess even David Attenborough is an endangered species these days.

Note: The incumbent residents of committee roles will all help guide you through the processes and requirements. You won’t be thrown in at the deep end!

I am stepping down after 3 years as chair. I have loved the job and helping the club to grow. I still plan to do all the back office stuff I do now, and remain on the committee to support the new chair implement K&D’s next phase of development (if they will have me) but it’s time to let someone take the reins and implement their vision for 2020 onwards.

The role involes oversight of the club, committee and The Arden 9, but should involve significantly less admin than in the past. It’s vital the chair is someone of great leadership, well respected and loves the club. I’d suggest it is also vital they are able to commit to regular Wednesday leadership as a visible presence. From within the committee I feel Paul Winwood has all the qualities needed. However in the interests of healthy democracy if you feel you have a vision for the club, the skills and a desire to lead please do put your name forward and if we have more than one person apply a vote will take place in April at the AGM.

Current Nominees: Paul Winwood

Holder of the purse strings, responsible for payment of affiliations and various other things like saying No to me requesting bronze statues of Richard Dixon. Ideally someone with a financial background in accounting or similar. Speak to Jan Hornby for more info.

Current Nominees:

Membership Secretary:
Isa has had her hands full with record numbers of K&D, but she’s also overseen us move to a new fully online system of payments for club membership which has reduced workload massively. The job now is to chase those of you who are late paying, to encourage new runners to join officially and to keep an eye on the Membership Secretary’s portal (Darren also has access to this via work and will occasionally ‘borrow’ 10 mins of work time to process a new member but shhhhh!)

Current Nominees:

Club Secretary
This is probably the most important role on the committee. Jo has indicated she might do another year if necessary but after 3 excellent years service and looking after Darren she probably deserves a break. You MUST be organised. The role largely covers things like distributing info from leagues, entering teams into things like XC and Road Relays, and minuting committee meetings. Lots of things like entry deadlines you need to keep on top of. You do all the hard work while the chair gets the plaudits. BUT you’re definitely the chair’s favourite person in the world (after Jenna Louise-Coleman and Becky Wood off the Weather on BBC).

Current Nominees:

Ladies Team Captain:
Rosie has overseen a dominant Cross Country league win and a women’s team that puts out 30 women for Cross Country races. Success is an understatment. She also bakes a mean brownie. But she has a wedding to plan. The next ladies team captain should be hopefully be someone who enjoys racing. We’d like someone who loves Cross Country so we can keep that incredible success and participation going. If you feel you can bring similar levels of motivation and drive we’d love to have you on board. Ideally someone who can commit to running the cross country season fixtures and some of the WRRL (though that runs itself largely).

Current Nominees: Caroline Edwards

Run Leader Coordinator:
If Paul were to become chair we’d need a new Run Leader Coordinator. Mostly involes using the WhatsApp to sort Wed Nights roster of leaders and hosting a meeting 1-2 times per year of Run Leaders to guage any issues. Also tasked with encouraging club members to take their Leadership in Running Fitness course. Due to retirement and a new job Hannah England isn’t able to make Monday’s or Wednesday’s as in previous years. However the Run Leader Coordinator will work alongside Hannah to deliver sessions, feedback and plan any coaching events.

Current Nominees: