Corona – All K&D Training Postponed Until Further Notice

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As of Tuesday morning please note that all official K&D Training has been postponed until further notice.

The government is now advising that you avoid all but the most essential social contact. While not yet law we expect advice over the coming days to become more restrictive not less. Many of our members work in health & wellbeing with vulnerable patients and we see meeting as an unacceptable risk to our members, their families and those we work with (colleagues, clients and patients). Finally you can be infected but not showing symptoms. We cannot, in good conscience, advise you meet just on the basis that you feel ok on the day of the run.

We hope you will be understanding. As of Tuesday morning your run leaders will be stood down until further notice.

All club training will be cancelled until further notice.

Current guidance suggests exercising solo is ok as long as you are outside and haven’t experienced any symptoms for more than a week – be aware that heavy training can lower the immune system though. We advise you don’t push it.

The following sessions will be off until further notice:
Monday – Intervals
Tuesday – Sub-21 Intervals
Wed – Club Night
Thu – Sub 21 Track
Fri – Improvers
Sunday – Any club long runs

Make no mistake, this decision is made with a heavy heart for all committee members. But we are unanimous in both the severity of the situation we face and the need for these actions.

If parkrun continues, it is unlikely to (Update due Wed 18th), please think twice before attending until the situation improves. If you do please arrive late and leave immediately after completing your run.

The Arden 9 – Discussions will be held with Hampton-in-Arden Sports Club and a decision made on government advice/England Athletics advice. Any entries will be honoured for any postponement though (and we’ll let you swap entries if you can’t make a new date).

10th Year Gala – Again, discussions will be held with Hogarths and any postponement will see us happy to swap tickets if you can’t make a new date

AGM – We’ll consider best course of action and communicate with you as soon as possible

Decisions on The Arden 9 and 10th Year Gala will be made in due course and communicated clearly.

Speaking personally, I know the importance the club plays in people’s mental and physical wellbeing as much as anyone else. It breaks my heart to have to remove our training from your weekly schedules. For anyone who needs assistance please do speak to our Wellbeing Officer Katie Price ( ). Your comittee will be discussing ways for you to keep in touch virtually, we encourage you to make use of WhatsApp groups. If you want adding to any of those email

The next few months promise to be pretty torrid for society in general. Please don’t think this is just a bad flu. It isn’t. There are two articles I recommend reading (…not like you don’t have the time now!)

New York Times – Two Women Fell Sick

Why Outbreaks like Coronovirus Spread

Please do encourage family members, friends and other groups you might be a member of to do what they can to break the chains of transmission over the coming months. Keep it simple. Stay away. Inless you absolutely have no other choice.

If you want to ask me anything please email or find me on facebook/twitter. Or if you just miss my jokes.

Most importantly, please, do the right thing.

Knowle & Dorridge RC