Deadlines, Reminders & The Injured Runners Club


K&D Christmas Party

We need to confirm numbers for our Christmas Party with The Forest this weekend so you only have until Friday to guarantee your ticket. £20. Partners welcome.

Warwickshire XC Champs – Deadline 11th Dec (Race: Sat 5th Jan, Newbold Revel, Leamington)

Our women’s and men’s teams are eyeing championship medal challenges at the Warwickshire XC Champs. If you would like to run please email by the 11th Dec. Only 20 mins away and you’ll be running against all the people you’d usually face in the WRRL so no need to fear the competition being crazy standards. Club pays ALL entry fees.

Midland XC Champs – Deadline 3rd Jan (Race: 26th Jan, Newbold Comyn Leamington)

Why pay £50 for a Wolf Run when you can take on THE DITCH at Leamington. Iconic. Hosting the Midland Champs this year. A great chance to pit yourself against the best in the region. but similarly welcoming to ALL standards. Let us know by 3rd Jan. Perfect Post Xmas-Pud Exercise. 
Club pays ALL entry fees.

The Injured Runners Club

With a couple of surgeries taking us down one or two runners recently we were pitched the idea of organising The Injured Runners Club. Unable to run on a Wed? The Injured Runners Club will be meeting in The Forest on a Wed during Club Training so you can see your loved ones, get some spicy nuts and a glass of squash (or Beer). Most importantly you can heckle those who run past in the cold. Think of it like The Breakfast Club but with more sass. First ‘Hosting’ is this Week, Wed 5th Dec. Don’t forget ‘Social’ Drinks happen after training too, first Wed of the Month. AND we have Committee on Wed. So we’ll definitely ruin the ambiance of the local watering hole in our bright tops and leggings.

Winter Reminder: BE SAFE, BE SEEN

Please remember to wear brightly coloured tops (Even if you have an Iron Man light on). We’ve noticed a couple of dark tops recently. We do encourage Run Leaders to say no to leading runners they feel may not be safe and will support any Run Leader who refuses to take you out in such instances.

Pavement running only please during winter (Unless on a small specific well lit loop like Rodborough). If you are on the road please move to the pavement at the earliest opportunity and only run on the road when there is no other safe alternative. We don’t want anyone being ran over. It makes a terrible mess. 

The Weekend Recap will be up on Thursday.