Feed Birmingham, A call for help!

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Feed Birmingham

Dear All,

Please see below a message to the K&D Running Club Community.

One of our members Daniel Mayes works for the Church of England and is currently coordinating the collection of food for distribution to those in need across Birmingham during the Covid 19 crisis. If you are able to contribute or are even available to help by dropping food parcels off to Edgbaston all help would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks



The organisations in Birmingham who help to distribute food to those in need, are running extremely short of food and are now at the lowest levels ever seen since the Coronavirus epidemic began. Near neighbours, Thrive Together Birmingham and the Edgbaston Foundation have grouped together as ‘Feed Birmingham’(https://feedbirmingham.org/) and they are asking our communities to come together to help support the work of The Active Wellbeing Society, Birmingham Real Junk Food Project and Foodbanks in their fantastic efforts to feed people who need food during the Covid-19 crisis.

Daniel Mayes with some amazing help from the ‘Sunday running crew’ started a small collection on Thursday last week, which turned out to be a car full (thank you guys). The food was greatly received by the collection point in Edgbaston on Friday. Daniel has suggested that Knowle & Dorridge Running Club put together a collection as an organisation to help this urgent crisis throughout May. We are aware that other organisations in the area are also contributing towards food banks such as the fantastic work of Knowle Parish Church, but there is such a shortage in central Birmingham every contribution is essential during this COVID-19 crisis.

If you are interested in contributing to the K&D ‘Feed Birmingham’ collection, can you please send a message to Daniel Mayes on 07921 576097 or email danielm@cofebirmingham.com by midnight on Monday 11th May 2020. In your message can you please confirm:

(a) You are happy to do a food collection (communicate to your neighbours and friends)?

(b) You would be happy to drive to Edgbaston every Friday in May (between 11am – 2pm) if required?

(c) That you are happy for Daniel Mayes to have your contact details for the purpose of staying in touch during this response? Contact details will be deleted after this project.

(d) Your details: your full name, address and phone number.

If you would just like to contribute that would be just as helpful ! Daniel will be in touch again on Tuesday with the K & D running club collection points.

Thank you for your help and contributions in advance. If you are unable to give, please do not worry as I am aware that things are challenging during this very difficult lockdown period. #BrumTogether