Girls on the run – trail race No 1!

So what do runners do to treat a friend for their big birthday? Enter her for a race of course!! Last weekend saw the first K&D ‘girls on the run’ weekend away organised to mark Kathy’s birthday. Sarah C had the fantastic idea to enter a trail race, something new to all of us.

The Sandstone Trail Race is held anually in mid-autumn, and consists of two alternative races run concurrently, both following sections of the Sandstone Trail Path. We went for the B Race which is 17.0km (10.6 miles) with 288m of climb starting from Beeston Castle and ending in Delamere Forest. It aims to be ‘better suited for those wishing to try their hand at trail running.’ There is an A race over 17 miles for the ‘more experienced’ runner (maybe next time)!

Pre-race preparations went well thanks to a bottle of champagne and a good pub dinner!!


The day of the race was glorious. The entry was fairly small at around 200, but the atmosphere was great with lots of very friendly runners.

At the start we were able to cheer on the lead runners from the A race as they passed us at a pretty decent pace given the terrain! Then we were off….. And then we stopped to queue through the first of many kissing gates/stiles! It didn’t take long for the field to thin out though. The scenery was stunning. imageThe hills were big (really big!). The banter and support from fellow runners was brilliant.

After 1hr45mins we reached the finish tired, but elated. It was so much fun, we all loved it!! We also came 15th from 31 teams – not a bad effort!

A big thank you to Sarah for all her organisation. Unfortunately Sarah C, Sarah N and Jane H were unable to join us as planned. We missed you, but bring on next year……..!!