Great Brueton parkrun Show


K&D all heartWhat a great show we put on at Brueton parkrun this morning.

I count 39 K&D finishers plus our resident Solihull Traithlete Keith Whitehead…so I think we can call it 40! Thank you all for turning out instead of staying in bed for a Valentine’s cuddle with your loved ones!!

The 10 of you who ran PB’s will certainly be pleased that you chose to run. Congratulations.

Big applause to the 7 of you that joined me as pacers : Chris Morgan, Russell Davies, Steve Armstrong, Mike McDonald, Keith Whitehead, Sarah Cattell and Ann Spencer. You each did a fab job.

And an extra special cheer for Linda Whitehead for organising the morning and representing our club so eloquently with her words at the start.

You can check the results from this morning HERE.