Heart Rate training – An alternative approach to running

heartimageIt’s safe to say that many of us are obsessed by pace. Anyone who has attempted a PB has no doubt got the calculator out and worked out to the second what pace in min/mile or min/km we need to run and train at to achieve it, and plan our runs accordingly. Well here’s a different approach to consider that I’ve found very useful. It’s all about gauging your training runs around your heart rate not pace.

Many top performing runners base their entire training regime around heart rate, and that’s because it is a very good measure of how hard you are running, and as a consequence allows you to train at the correct level of intensity whether it is an easy recovery run or a mega tough interval session.

As resting heart rates and maximum heart rate vary greatly between individuals the best way to measure your effort level is via heart rate zones which are calculated on an individual basis. Zone 2 is a nice comfortable pace, Zone 5 is flat out 95% plus effort. Anyone who wants to know more about heart rate training have a look at the links below for further information: