High Viz Biz

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Annual Safety Warning Time: As we go into September the nights will now start getting darker.

Please ensure you are wearing bright or high-visibility tops for club sessions from Sept 1st onwards. 

Just because it is bright out when the run starts doesn’t mean you’ll be finishing your session in the daylight. We don’t want any of you being run over. It leaves a stain on the pavement that’s a right pain to clean.

Run Leaders have the authority and K&D Committee blessing to refuse to lead anyone they think is dressed dangerously and/or putting themselves or the group at risk. Repeat offenders will be asked to wear the smelliest high viz jacket I can find and potentially asked to not train at club sessions during Autumn & Winter.

If you have no high-viz tops and issues with procuring one for any reason (financial etc.) please speak to your wellbeing officer Katie Price (KDRCWellbeing@gmail.com). The club is willing to support members if they need help getting suitable tops to enable them to train. All issues will be treated confidentially between the individual and wellbeing officer.