K&D AGM – 18th April – Committee Roles to be Filled


Our annual AGM will take place on the 18th April this year. 

Please note we are also having a committee meeting on 31st Jan. Should you have any issues you want to raise please speak to a committee member or email kdrunningclub@gmail.com

At our recent committee meeting we reviewed which roles will be up for renewal at the AGM, a bit of a way off, but plenty of time for members to think about taking on a role.  It’s fantastic to be part of the group leading such a successful running club.  

Your club can only run due to the hard work of your committee; we encourage regular rotation of roles to keep the club fresh and diverse. A number of committee members are stepping down in April to allow others to contribute. Committee members will get first dibs on things like Helix Kit Reviews (Kathy and Darren have just done this, Run Leaders get second dibs). We encourage members from all abilities and groups to represent on the committee.

Roles for replacement:
Ladies Captain (Member has volunteered)
Membership secretary  (Member has volunteered)
Ordinary member (without specific role)

New roles which will be introduced at the AGM are:

Communication and social media officer: An officer to help Darren manage the website, upload info, write a few results reports etc.

Wellbeing officer:  The role is to point any members needing assistance in the direction of help and support where needed. The Officer will also support members in any Wellbeing issues should any arise and act as an independent member should there be any issues needing division and independent work without Committee involvement. We’d also like the Wellbeing Officer to plan RunandTalk mental health sessions a couple of times a year.

Coaching and Run Leader coordinator: (A qualified Run Leader to liaise with Hannah England (and Sarah Connors), Coach Colin on Tues/Thurs Sessions, Run Leaders etc. – There is scope for the club to encourage and fund qualifications should the member wish)

Assistant Arden 9 Run Director: After many years Arden 9 service Gavin Davies is moving to Wales. We would like someone to step forward to help Mark Cordiner-Barton. Ideally someone willing to assist on the day, drive equipment from garages and generally be a help.

These four posts fall under constitution clause 7.13 (nominate, delegate and assign specific tasks to officers or other members, whether or not they are already part of the management.

They are non-committee management posts but will be invited to meetings and treated as important club advisors: although they don’t have an official vote in line with the constitution their views will be treated with equal value as committee management’s. There is no time limit on the post but members will be encouraged to sit for two years in line with other committee members.

Also, should anyone wish to become Chair in 2019 and shadow Darren in the next 12 months they would be encouraged to step forward. As Chair I don’t mind continuing, but I feel it is vital that the role is regularly rotated between members for the good of the club. We’ve never had a female chair and i’d be very keen to encourage that (hint ladies!).

If you are interested in any of the roles please email kdrunningclub@gmail.com