K&D Brueton Takeover/0-3 Graduation (16th Feb)


Attention K&D’ers. It’s our 0-3 Group Graduation on Saturday 16th Feb. To celebrate their achievement we’re taking over at Brueton for the day. Thank you to everyone that has already volunteered. Any last minute volunteer vacancies can be seen here:


Though most of the roles were filled quick sharp by you lot.

To celebrate our 0-3’s we are encouraging all K&D to make Brueton their visit this weekend and wear green and gold club kit, or just green and gold to show your appreciation for the great work that our 0-3’s have put in (and a maybe a little cheer for our promotion and championship winning Cross Country teams too!). Thank you to Katie Price for organising and all the volunteers.

p.s. if anyone wants the bring the Club Tent it’s in Chairman Darren’s garage. Massive and isn’t very easily moved from lying down, though neither is the tent. You’ll need a big car…