K&D Christmas Paarlauf


Congratulations to Adam O’Nions and K&D First Timer Mieke Hartland who took the much coveted Goldon Gnome’s for winning the K&D Christmas Paarlauf. They hold the title now until Summer. I’m sure the gnomes will take pride of place on the fireplace. Where pictures of their family used to be.

A massive thank you to the marshalls, Stephen Ray, Kathy Bailey, Rob Stewart, Jude Mansfield and Caroline Edwards who expertly shepherded you unruly lot round the course and managed to keep any of you from getting lost/getting run over/diverting to The Drum & Monkey.


53:08 – Adam O’Nions & Mieke Hartland
53:40 – Jack Whitehouse & Marie Mustin
53:44 – Mark Gale & Kay Adenipekun
53:54 – Caroline Park & Graham Edwards
54:33 – Kate Marsh & Simon Krstic
54:45 – Jess Woolley & David McMillan
55:29 – Nicky Evans & Mike McDonald
56:34 – Paul Winwood & Catherine Sherlock
58:44 – Andy Knowles & anna Bousfield
59:36 – Steve Marks & Nick Woolley
59:37 – Emily King & Fraser Long
60:20 – Amanda Crees & Mike Durkin
60:43 – John Garside & Kate O’Hara
60:46 – Paul O’Donnell & Lizzy Williams

If i’ve spelt any of your names wrong I apologise. But blimey, you can tell Knowle is full of Doctors just by your handwriting!