K&D Cross Country Guide 2019/20

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It’s almost time for the best part of the year! XC.

Cross Country and buying spikes can be a bit daunting so here is your guide:

Do I have to run through the mud?
Well we encourage it to make you better runners but we do also have a need for at least 1 male and 1 female volunteer for the four league races. So if you’re free on Sat Afternoons of 9th Nov, 7th Dec, 11th Jan or 8th Feb please do make yourself known and we’ll buy you a drink after. We forfeit 200 points if we fail to provide a volunteer and nobody wants to be relegated through a lack of volunteer doing an easy job like funnel shoosher-along-er.

What do I need?
6 Spikes – Don’t go for a pair of spikes with only 4 spaces for spikes. They’re fine for softie-USA courses but won’t be much use in the UK in Feb. Unless you like lying face down in the mud.

Can I run in road/trail shoes?
Mostly, no. I mean you can, but you’ll fall over lots. Get some spikes, they look cool, make your feet (at least) look like a professional and feel >>>FAST>>>.

How much should I spend?
£20-£50 is usually ok.

Where to shop?
Birmingham Runner obvs. Don’t forget your discounts!
Also we love Start Fitness for an excellent range of spikes.

What Brands Should I Trust?
Don’t bother with Nike. Their XC spikes are usually built for USA courses.
Adidas, Brooks, Saucony should all be good to go for a UK XC Course.

What if i’m not super fast? 
It doesn’t matter! XC makes you STRONG LIKE OX. You’ll be a much better runner in Spring if you run the XC meets. There is a reason ALL the great athletes come from a XC background. Seb Coe? Haile Gebreselassie? Mo Farah? Ron Hill? Paula Radcliffe? Dave Bedford? Ronnie O’Sullivan? Eliud Kipchoge? All ran XC.

How much is it?
FREE! We pay for your entries for Four League races, Warwickshire, Midlands and National Races as well as Cross Country relays. It’s all included in your £38 per yr membership.

We like Bondage!
Sorry, I mean Bonding. XC is the best way for club members to bond. You form special bonds in the fields. It’s the Dunkirk spirit.

What about the Women’s Team?
We have a superb Women’s team. Reigning Div. 2 Dominators. Now taking on the might of Div. 1. But that shouldn’t rule out anyone, of any standard. Yes. We want to win races. But we also want to make you a better runner. Women of all standards have been flocking to XC leagues up and down the country. We want K&D women to experience the thrill, fun and silliness. Time to see why and pack out the team. Nobody is too slow for XC.  Women – Email rosiegmarsh@googlemail.com  if you want to run the League races. If you want to run the Warwickshire/Midlands or National’s we’ll be posting about those later on… 

And the Men?
Back in the big time of Division 1. This year our targets are two-fold:
1) Staying up. Because nobody likes being relegated. Except Baggies fans.
2) Fielding our strongest Men’s teams – Strength in depth is great… as long as we’re getting our squad out into battle. – Email  csharpuk@hotmail.com  if you want to run the League races. If you want to run the Warwickshire/Midlands or National’s we’ll be posting about those later on… 

Is there Beer?
Yes. After every league race we reconvene in the Drum & Monkey for beers and laughing at Rich Dixon spending every race calling Greg Turner ‘Gary’. Women get to drink a Lavender and Peppermint tea. Apart from Monica who downs Guiness (other drinks are available).

What about Day Trips?
You get to see lovely places like Stoke, Leamington, Stratford, Gloucester. We meet about 12 usually on a Sat and get home about 5pm.

And repeating this year we’ll be bringing back the K&D Party Bus to take as many athletes as we can to Nottingham for The National. The best race of the year. Every year. Across all running events. 

Sat 19th Oct – Midland XC Relays – Wolverhampton
Sat 9th Nov – Men’s & Women’s – League Fixture 1: Worcester/ Burton Dassett
Sat 7th  Dec – Men’s & Women’s – League Fixture 2: Stoke/Burton Dassett Sat 4th Jan – Warwickshire XC Champs: Droitwich
Sat 11th Jan – Men’s & Women’s – League Fixture 3: Northampton/Stratford-upon-Avon
Sat 26th Jan – Midlands XC Champs: Loughborough
Sat 8th Feb –  Men’s & Women’s – League Fixture 4: Leamington/TBC
Sat 23rd Feb – The National XC Champs: Wollatton Hall, Nottingham

In the words of S Club 7: “There ain’t no party like a XC Party!”