K&D members help raise nearly £30,000 for NHS charities


All nine of the K&D runners who took on the Moors 4’s charity challenge completed the 6 runs of 4 miles every 4 hours, to run a total of 24 miles over 24 hours.

Spurred on by the incredible generosity of donors, every 4 hours they dragged themselves out of bed/off the couch to run another 4 miles as fatigue and tiredness became real handicaps to putting one foot in front of another. Special mention goes to Tim Price who, despite suffering a painful back injury on only the second (4 am) run, refused to throw the towel in and walked for over an hour each time to complete the challenge.

WhattsApp came into it’s own as over 50 runners came together every 4 hours to post pictures and videos as they set off/returned from the latest run, some buoyant, some clearly struggling with exhaustion, but all united in a common cause seeing the JustGiving Total growing rapidly as the challenge progressed. It was all very inspiring and a bit emotional seeing some of the non-runners stepping hugely outside their comfort zone for the cause.

Eventually at 8pm it was time for the last run and miles 20 – 24. By now nearly everyone was hurting in some way either mentally, physically or both! But as the total passed the £20,000 mark everyone dug in with one last effort and got the job done.

A great event and a great cause. Every K&D runner who took part loved it (including Tim!) and all had tales to tell of passing like ships in the night, headlights bobbing, at midnight and 4am in the morning. For the record Chris Thorley clocked the fastest cumulative time in an impressive 2 hours 43 minutes for the 24 miles.

The runners would like to express their gratitude for all the wonderful donations and good luck messages received from K&D members which helped so much to keep them going and boost the total raised. Some of the NHS projects benefiting directly from the funds raised include computer tablets for patients in isolation to communicate with loved ones, kit for ‘Wobble Rooms’ where staff can rest and relax during busy and stressful shifts, and to fund games and activities for young patients in mental health wards adversely affected by increased isolation due to Coronavirus restrictions.

Thank you all for your support and well done everyone.