K&D Volunteer Day @ Brueton parkrun – 4th Nov


The big day has almost arrived where we say a big thank you to the excellent people who put Brueton parkrun on every Saturday morning. With 500+ runners to cater for they deal with an awful lot of headaches to allow us to run. On Saturday we say thank you and take a bit of the hard work out of it for them.

Thank you to everyone volunteering – the roster is here:

K&D Week parkrun Volunteer Roster

We need Cake, Sweets etc. for the runners
We need you to wear club colours
We need you to be smiley happy faces (got that one covered!)
We need you to tell anyone that asks about the club how we’re a solid 6/10 at least.

The club tent will be up for you to huddle under away from the rain – I was burgled, they took my bike but thankfully left the tent and club bits and bobs. If only they knew the value of that tent!

We’ll get the great chance to say thank you to all the hardworking parkrun volunteers who put Brueton on every week.

Any questions drop us a line on Facebook or Email.