K&D Volunteer Week @ Parkrun – Nov 4th


Hurrah. It’s the week we take over the duties at parkrun. If you’re volunteering you’ll see your name on this list for the 4th Oct and you should get an email early in the week from Brueton HQ:

K&D Week parkrun Volunteer Roster

Thank you for everyone putting your name forward – with so many of you and plenty of DofE students we couldn’t get spots for you all but you can still be involved. 

We need Cake, Sweets etc. for the runners
We need you to wear club colours
We need you to be smiley happy faces (got that one covered!)
We need you to tell anyone that asks about the club how we’re a solid 6/10 at least.

The club tent will be up providing I can get into my garage (currently jammed shut after an attempted break in…), Hopefully we’ll have the club kit arriving in store this week after multiple unfortunate set backs beyond anyones control. And hopefully we’ll get the great chance to say thank you to all the hardworking parkrun volunteers who put Brueton on every week.

Any questions drop us a line on Facebook or Email.