Kenilworth Half Results

K&D were out in force at the two-lap Kenilworth Half on Sunday as the sun shone and our runners sped round the new route. A fast first couple of kilometers took the runners through Kenilworth Castle and onto two rolling main loops. Super fast times were ran through the field with Chris Sharp and Rachel Gifford conducting the Men & Women’s teams from the front.

K&D put 7 runners in the top-35 as the men swamped the field between 73 and 82 minutes. First three were Chris Sharp (1:13:38), Rob Michaelson-Yeates (1:14:47) and Gareth Wainwright (1:17:43). For the Women Rachel Gifford’s run (1:24:05) led the way as Amanda O’Leary finished impresively (1:33:19) and Jane Hunt clocked a superb 1:44:09.

Graeme Edwards ran himself into the Ambulance in pursuit of a PB. His own Breaking Two saw him run 1:57:34 and then promptly faint. That’s commitment to the cause. Greg Turner finally broke 90 minutes – a 1:28:25 taking him sailing under. Kerry Thompson continued her superb comeback from injury with a 1:46:31. Katie Price and Linda Whitehead showed superb team-work to conquer the last mile in 2:09:01 and 2:10:33.

NameChip TimeNameChip Time
Chris Sharp01:13:38Jason Pitcher01:37:52
Rob Michaelson-Yeates01:14:47Rob Houlston01:38:03
Gareth Wainwright01:17:43Max Mladenovic01:39:52
Steven Whatmore01:20:06Adam O’Nions01:43:19
Gary Polhill01:20:43Lloyd Barton01:43:44
Torsten Roesler01:21:24Jane Hunt01:44:09
Darren John01:22:06Kerry Thompson01:46:31
Rachel Gifford01:24:05Mike Mcdonald01:48:52
Tim Price01:25:02Karen Ratcliffe01:53:00
Steven McDonald01:26:25Robert Stewart01:53:52
Anthony Dutton01:27:29John Garside01:54:01
Paul Bentley01:27:13Paul Winwood01:54:52
Paul Baker01:27:55Keith Whitehead01:55:32
Rob Ambrose01:28:21Kate Marsh01:56:49
Greg Turner01:28:25Graham Edwards01:57:34
Robert Mundy01:29:50Katie Price02:09:01
Andrew Connors01:32:17Linda Whitehead02:10:33
Amanda O’Leary01:33:19Caroline Edwards02:18:55
Daniel Mayes01:33:25Hayley Turner02:24:54
Steve Armstrong01:35:03Kate Thompson02:32:55