Knowle Fun Run Teams – Alphabetti Spaghetti


The Knowle Fun Run has arrived. As per every year we a) have a plethora of talented athletes and b) have none of them running on Sunday. We do have you lot listed below though:

This year you have been put into teams based on estimated finishing times. This has been a rigorous scientific process including three Nobel Prize winning mathmaticians, extensive data crunching and looking you up on Power of 10 and or guessing where I didn’t have data on your 10k times.

The aim of the game is for each team to try and jump as many alphabetical places as possible. The team that does so will win a prize up to and including the value of… £4. That’s a quid each. From the chairman’s pocket no less (It’ll probably be some chocolate). Like Alphabetti Spaghetti the letters should all be mixed up by the end.

The prize will be decided using rigorous statistical analysis, bribery and in the event of a split decision… a nominal chance based game that renders the whole thing basically pointless as we could have just played rock paper scissors to begin with and saved ourselves 30+ minutes running.

The quicker you are the harder it will be to win. In theory. I think. A’s can’t win. B’s will have to run really well etc. etc. Your chairman has spent literally 30 seconds devising this game so it’ll all probably fall apart before the gun goes. 

Let the games begin… On Sunday.