London Marathon 2018 Results – Scorcher


You train all winter in -5, thirteen layers, buffs, coats, gloves and what happen? The hottest London Marathon on record. Urgh.

With temperatures a ‘cool’ 20 degrees at start time, rising to 24 by 11am it was toasty. Many runners seemed particularly affected by the last 10km as the marathon hits the city where despite taller buildings creating more shade, they also served to block the slight breeze that helped cool competitors. Throw in the heat from the city, the roasting pavements and you were effectively running into a furnace. (Having once done 60km with heat stroke; the last 10k of London were perhaps the most uncomfortable i’ve ever been running).

Even the elites were broken by heat. Top UK runner Matt Clowes ran 68:40 through the half way point. And then ‘enjoyed’ a 95 minute second half. Ouch. Tirunesh Dibaba didn’t even finish. The story was repeated across the board with an average of 6 minutes or so being added on to everyone’s pre-race expectations. If you take each of the top-3 K&D place finishes they would each be worth at least 6 minutes quicker most years. This disparity is only likely to have increased as the day wore on. Congratulations to all the K&D that ran sensibly. With news of a death at the event we’re please to say everyone from the club was smart, stayed hydrated, cool and used their experience. 

Congratulations to Gareth Wainwright who was first K&D’er home in a great 2:56. Considering the heat that was a smashing run.

Gareth Wainwright – 2:56:33
Chris Morgan – 2:58:45
Darren John – 3:00:23
David Carbutt – 3:31:56
Andrew Connors – 3:34:05
Nick Reeves – 4:03:11
Anna Wilson – 4:21:17
Gary Wickett – 4:34:44
Pete Makepeace – 4:59:17
Carly Mitchell – 5:57:51
Richard Clarke – 6:27:29