Marathon Mania – From Paris to Manchester


With Spring a racing write off so far the K&D Chaps have had little racing in their legs before this weekend. But Marathon times call for Marathon measures.

Paris Marathon:

In warm conditions there was no time to stop at the boulangerie as K&D’s Chaps raced aloug the Roux. Though they did spare a moment for some pre-race encouragement to our Manchester marathoners…

Rob Houlston – 3:15:11
Andrew Connors – 3:17:11
Max Mladenovic – 3:24:34
James Taylor – 3:33:10
Russell Davies – 3:33:57
Richard Beale – 3:36:20
Greg Turner – 3:47

Manchester Marathon:

Less red wine and cheese, more Man Utd and Eccles Cakes. K&D’s now annual Manchester Marathon turn out included 5 of our numbers. 

John Garside – 3:53:11
Michael McDonald – 3:56:03
Paul O’Donnell – 4:01:22
Darren Maggs – 4:32:03
Paul Winwood – 4:42:38