Membership Renewal – Don’t Risk WRRL Results Not Counting


Numbers are creeping up but there are still a significant number of runners who haven’t paid their subs for 2018-19 yet. If you have any questions please email the club on

Your membership ensures your Warwickshire Road Race League results are counted. If you don’t renew you run the risk of your results being null and void later in the season. Also, you’ll lose discounted race entries. It is very important renewals are done pronto if you’re planning in joining in our summer running fun…

We purposely keep the membership as low as possible to ensure as small a financial ask on our members as possible. Your £35 membership pays your England Athletics Affiliation (£15) and leaves £20 for the club to secure its future, pay for coaching, run leaders, social events, awards, League participation, hall hire etc. etc. 

Renew your membership or begin your K&D membership using the link below: