Men’s XC League Fixture 3: Warley Woods, Birmingham Uni


Gents! After a disappointing 2nd League Fixture score wise we’re hoping for a big turn out on Saturday 13th. Having ran (half) the course this weekend it’s a good one with a big hill and fast, fast, fast downhills. As Jack will testify with his great run on Saturday – it’s very runnable and not particularly muddy (about 9.5-9.7km).

The course is Warley Woods, only about 30 mins away by Harbone. So nice and local. Post code: B57 5JZ

Race Details: Race Details Document

Leaving the Drum and Monkey if you are convoying at 12:30.

If you want to run (do!) then let captain Torsten know on

Note: Some of you have Gents mentioned it being at Cofton Park. It isn’t. That’s where the ladies are. Don’t go there. Or we’ll make you run extra laps in your pants and vest.