Midland Area Road Relays – Sutton Park 24th Sept Results

The Autumn Midland Area Road Relays were held this weekend in their spiritual home of Sutton Park.
Our Senior Men’s team were 33rd overall.  A good showing with several injuries and foreign marathons interrupting the men’s team. The splits were as follows:
19:54 – Joe Read
20:30 – Pat Moss
21:05 – Pete Grime
21:09 – Tim Price
21:48 – Kirk Giles
21:54 – Rich Dixon
Current Stand-in Captain Tim’s verdict? Windy and warm – traffic chaos in the park”.

Our Ladies team were a very impressive 44th overall. Their splits were:

21:24 – Lindsay Dalby
19:34 – Anna Perry
19:25 – Emma Donnelly
19:46 – Kathy Bailey
Really strong running from all the ladies. Both men’s and ladies teams were consistent across all the legs. Top running team.