Midland Men’s 12 Stage Road Relays Results: Smashed It


It was one of the best days in K&D Men’s history on Saturday as 12 brave arctic explorers battled the frozen conditions, snow blizzards and polar bears to finish a best-ever 13th at the Midland Road Relays and excluding ‘B’ teams the 9th Club overall in the Midlands. 

Considering records show we hadn’t broken the top 20 in years gone by it was a stunning result.  Only being beaten the Big 8 (Bristol, Birchfield, Notts, Telford, Tipton, Cheltenham, BRAT and Wolves) was a sensational result akin to going toe to toe against the Premier League big boys. K&D’s beat all their traditional rivals as well as many other far bigger clubs. The men, who were missing the talents of Joe Read and Torsten Roesler (due to injury recover & baby commitments among others could remarkably have been even stronger. With the likes of David Carbutt, Danny Malone, Paul Bentley, Paul Williams, Michael Swann and others all sniffing around the 12 Stage A team the competitiveness of the men looks to push us on further.

The day started with Gareth Wainwright, Chris Morgan, Pat Moss and Chris Sharp taking the 4 legs of just over 5 miles. After that it was into the short stuff for the remaining 8 men. Chris Sharp ran a spiffing 28:48 to take the quickest K&D long leg, Jack Bristow recorded the fastest short leg of the day in 17:43 and Darren John won the mass start for remaining last leg runners that featured all but 5 of the entire field of last leg teams. Special mention to Jack Bristow, Ricky Stewart, Gareth Wainwright, Greg Turner and Rob Michaelson Yeates who all made their Relay debuts for K&D. The bar has been set high.

K&D Men will qualify for the National Relay’s Championships, held at Sutton Park on Saturday 14th April.

Runners who wish to compete in the National Championships will be selected on the following priority basis:

1) Runners who ran in the A Team Yesterday
2) Runners who were in the B Team but didn’t get to run 
3) Current form of those who are available, want to run in the champs and own running shoes

Note: Because it is the week before London Marathon and the week after Paris those who would like to run on the 15th April stand a very good chance of getting to as we’re likely to have quite a few men unable to. 

If you would like to run in a National Championship let Torsten know on torsten_roesler@hotmail.com (The weather will be better I promise!)

Also a massive thanks to Torsten for coming along even though he wasn’t running. Standing out in that all day was top Men’s Captaining of the highest order.

The new club record now stands at 4:30:41. 
(Note: The course was remeasured in 2016 and made considerably longer than pre-2016).

Knowle & Dorridge RC – 4:30:41
(L) = Long leg of 5 and a bit miles
(S) = Short leg of 5 and a bit km

Gareth Wainwright (L) 30:48
Chris Morgan (L) 29:57
Patrick Moss (L) 31:11
Chris Sharp (L) 28:48
Simon Bentley (S) 18:12
Tim Price (S) 19:09
Richard Dixon (S) 19:07
Greg Turner (S) 21:03
Ricky Stewart (S) 18:30
Jack Bristow (S) 17:43
Rob Michaelson-Yeates (S) 18:10
Darren John (S) 18:03