Midland Road Relays 2015


A relay without any risk of dropping the baton. Brilliant.

Yep, it’s that time of year again.  The World Championships are fast approaching, which can mean only 1 thing….the British sprint relay team will be dropping a relay baton with disastrous consequences.  Thankfully there is no such danger for you in the Midland Road Relays on 19th September in Sutton Park.  Because by the time you get to the top of that bloody hill you won’t be sprinting.  Oh, and there is no baton.  Brilliant.

As ever, the Midland Road Relays will be held in Sutton Park, this year on Saturday 19th September, staring around midday.  The course is around 3 miles for each of the 6 stages and is generally undulating…ahem, hilly.

This year we’re keen to take at least 2 men’s and women’s teams with one possibly being a masters only team.  Simon and Claire need to enter their squads, from which teams must be picked, by the end of August so can you please drop them an email or text to let them know if you are available for selection.

If we are as successful as previous years we stand a good chance of qualifying for the National Road relays 2 weeks later, also held in Sutton Park, which is always a massive event and great achievement for us.  But please don’t think this event is just for elite runners.  It really isn’t.  Of course there will be some very elite runners at the relays (I’ll be there!), but the standard is varied such that it is an event for anyone, and it really is a great event to take part in and support.  Just look at how much fun Russ, Sally, Jane and Andy and  are having in the photos.  Exactly!

I shall now hold my breath in eager anticipation of many, many emails expressing your excitement and positivity about running.  And….go…..