Midland Road Relays: Snaffu and Headbands


K&D Women fielded three superb teams at the 4 Stage Road Relays. The women run a shorter course than the men.

(Why? We can’t think of any reason they shouldn’t be on the 5.8k men’s course. K&D would fully support any move to equalise the distances).

However our K&D Women blitzed their individual legs. Jane Evans stormed round in third place on the first leg against some of the finest athletes in the UK. Unfortunately K&D Women lost 28 places as the officials failed to alert Rosie to Jane finishing her leg, Rosie unfortunately lost a number of minutes. However taking the positives it was lovely to see Rosie Marsh back in Green and Gold after a long injury lay-off. Rachel Gifford and Flick Sharp pulled K&D back from 31st to 14th on their legs. Our women were 14th team and 11th club overall in the Midlands. Had they not lost more than 2 minutes at the handover then a top-10 place would have been within their sights. it’s all part of the Relays fun though.

14   Knowle & Dorridge Rc          'A'  1:09:34
        Jane Evans       (3) 15:25
        Rosie Marsh      (31) 20:14
        Rachel Gifford   (15) 16:15
        Felicity Sharp   (14) 17:40

K&D B put together an excellent run of results to finish inside the top-50. The team were superbly consisten as they ran a time that should do them incredibly proud.

49   Knowle & Dorridge Rc          'B'  1:17:57
        Amanda O'leary   (54) 18:39
        Claire Magee     (53) 19:28
        Kerry Thompson   (47) 19:22
        Nicola Evans     (49) 20:28

K&D C also put together an excellent day of running as Caroline Edwards highlighted the team. After a long injury lay off she smashed several minutes off her Relay leg best. Having so many Men’s and Women’s team running was a real achievement for the club and they created a real buzz on the day. Headbands were donned and team-work kept everyone on time and running well.

90   Knowle & Dorridge Rc          'C'  1:36:34
        Katie Price      (104) 23:14
        Caroline Edwards (102) 25:48
        Lissy Calvert    (99) 24:41
        Sarah Connors    (90) 22:51

Thank you to everyone who represented the club with such aplomb. Both Men’s and Women’s teams have qualified for the National Road Relay Champs on Oct 6th. Should you want to run please contact your Captain.