Midland Road Relays


Our intrepid K and D teams raced at the Midland Road Relays on Saturday 2nd April at Sutton Park over a tough multi stage race.



The men raced over a gruelling 12 stages, 32 mile race.  As they have done for the last 3 years, achieved qualification to the National Championships in a couple of weeks.  The team were led out by Chris Sharp (11th on his stage) who is deep into London marathon training and looking extremely strong.  He was supported by Joe Read, Pete Grime and Pat Moss on the longer 5.3 mile stages.  There were some great performances in the following 8 shorter 3.1 mile stages with team captain, Simon Bentley (9th on his stage), bringing the team home on the last stage to finish 21st overall.

The women fielded 2 teams in a 6 stage race over the same gruelling course as the men.  Fastest on the long stages were Monica Green (25th on her stage) and Emma Donnelly and on the shorter stages Jane Hunt (29th on her stage) and Rachel Aston. There was a nail biting finish as the women’s teams battled it out to finish 41st and 42nd overall.

Full results and photos can be found at Race Results