Midland Women’s XC League: K&D Continue to Shine

A superb performance by K&D’s men was matched by our County Silver Medal winning Women’s Team. K&D Women once again turned out en masse and delivered a real scare to the biggest clubs in the midlands. Take out the Universities who have huge advantages and our Women are taking on Birchfield and BRAT toe-to-toe. The fact Birchfield had to draft in Hayley Carruthers to stay ahead of K&D women speaks volumes! Without her it would have been a tie.

The Champ – Jane Evans (as seen in this week’s Solihull Observer) led the line against a strong University line up finishing 7th overall and 1st Master. She was superbly backed up in the points scoring by Rocket Rachel Gifford (14th) while newbie Izzy Davis (35th) and Flick Sharp (40th) had an epic battle for third counter.

There were strong runs from XC expert Monica (74th) and a rejuvinated Rosie Marsh (76th) while Kerry Thompson (84th) continued her progress.

Behind them Kathryn Bird (98th) battled Natalie Callinan (99th) who continues to impress on her return to K&D. Adeba Jama continues her development in 111th along with Nicky Evans (112th). Karen Ratcliffe (123rd) and Sandra Boot (125th) battled it out in a duel to the muddy-death. While Linda Whitehead (132nd) managed to go 3/4 of the season without breaking any bones – which is a relief!

With so many close inter-club battles it was no suprise that team work and competition pushed our women to incredible performances. Special thanks go to our volunteers including Amanda Crees who stepped in the help the league last minute and the preggers Jess Woolley.

7Jane Evans00:27:40
14Rachel Gifford00:28:32
35Isabel Davis00:30:25
40Felicity Sharp00:30:37
74Monica Green00:33:04
76Rosie Marsh00:33:12
84Kerry Thompson00:34:21
98Kathryn Bird00:36:10
99Natalie Callinan00:36:32
111Adeba Jama00:38:11
112Nicola Evans00:38:40
123Karen Ratcliffe00:41:17
125Sandra Boot00:41:51
132Linda Whitehead00:45:02