MWCCL: Debutants Have a Ball


The first ever apperance for K&D’s Women in Division 1 of the Midland Women’s Cross Country league. A momentous occasion. Having swept all before them in Div. 2 last year the women took on some of the biggest clubs in the region with their tails up an a skip in their step. Our K&D women performed outstandingly and sit 7th out of 17 teams in the premier women’s cross country league. Our women sit only 1 place behind Loughborough University. Yup. That is correct. 1 Place behind one of the leading sports universities in the country.

For an example of the quality we face – overall winner Amelia Quirk was 80th at the 2019 World Cross Country Championships in Aahaus, Denmark Senior Women’s Race – as an U20.

K&D’s Jane Evans was 8th overall and 1st Master in what was a superb performance to lead the line. Jane was joined by Rocket Rachel Gifford (16th), Flick Sharp (45th) and Monica Green (83rd) in delivering a superb result.

With Rosie (109th) and Emma still returning to full fitness and Mary up’t North now it was a stunning result and what a run from Monica Green who once again showed her skills over the grass and mud are as good as anyones.

K&D Masters sit 6th overall with a team made of Jane Evans, Monica Green and Clare Magee (103rd). Remember – this is competing against the likes of Birchfield and BRAT.

It was brilliant to see a number of debuts for the K&D Women across the mud too. With 21 runners K&D Women go 1-0 up over the boys in the “Which Gender Team Can Field the Most XC Runners” Series. Even more impressive as the women were running at the beautiful but daunting Burton Dassett.

If you want to get involved drop Rosie Marsh or Emma Horsefield a message.

Race 2 is 1:30pm, Saturday Dec 7th. Clopton Park, Stratford on Avon.

Full Results:

8Jane Evans00:27:33
16Rachel Gifford00:29:31
45Felicity Sharp00:31:32
83Monica Green00:33:36
103Claire Magee00:34:54
109Rosie Marsh00:35:03
123Kathryn Bird00:36:25
152Kathy Bailey00:38:27
161Nicola Evans00:38:48
163Hannah Gibson00:38:56
164Kate Marsh00:38:56
166Emma Hughes00:39:00
175Sarah Connors00:40:28
177Kerry Thompson00:40:42
181Adeba Jama00:41:05
182Jessica Woolley00:41:10
185Sandra Boot00:42:07
193Jane Lewis00:42:55
206Linda Whitehead00:46:30
208Caroline Edwards00:47:34
211Katie Price00:51:13