MWCCL – Fixture 1: Coundon the Women to Deliver


It was a monumental kick off to the XC season for K&D’s women as they broke new ground in both the number of participants and quality of performances. K&D’s Women delivered a result that will turn heads fast enough to cause whiplash. 

K&D Women fielded 17 women on Saturday. Which has to be a club record. A few years ago we fielded 1 woman in a league fixture. Credit must go to Kathy Bailey and Rosie Marsh who have shaped our Women into a real team over the last 3 years. It takes a while to get the ball rolling but the momentum is cranking up…

It is so pleasing to see K&D women of all speeds taking part as team in the joys of XC. 

K&D Favourite Jane Evans has led the way driving herself forward; now we’re beginning to see the benefits of the standards she sets. Her positive influence has set the tone for the women. New K&D’er Rachel Gifford was snapping at Jane’s heels on Saturday as we put 2 in the top-3. Amazingly only 3 min and 30 seconds separated Jane who led the way for K&D from Jess Woolley in 7th for the club.

A) I’ve never had to write that before!
B) We had a staggering 7 women in the top-30. 
C) This is very exciting

Our Women’s Senior and Master’s Teams finished the day 2nd. Only just  behind Tipton (2pts) overall. Genuinely going toe to toe with one of the biggest clubs in the country.

Througout the field we benefitted from many of our members who have carried our women’s team for many years. Although some of these whippersnappers now finish ahead of them i’m sure they’re delighted to see the benefits of all those muddy days bearing fruit. They have laid excellent foundations.  Special mention to Monica Green too who managed to more than hold her own in the K&D field. Monica is ever the excellent XC runner.

And finally to everyone else that ran, even if you didn’t score this time every point counts in XC.  As Chair i’m delighted to see so many of you embracing the mud, it is incredible training through the winter and you never know in XC if that one person you overtake might be the difference to the ‘A’ Team picking up a promotion or championship! The women have set incredible standards for race 1. 

The next race is 1st December 2018 – Welcombe Hills, Stratford upon Avon 

Host club Stratford AC – same venue as BCCL Division 2 Race..  So K&D Men and Women will be at the same venue next month. If you want to run speak to Rosie Marsh, Emma Horsfield, Kathy Bailey or any of the women below and they’ll point you in the right direction.  We can’t reiterate enough just how important XC is for improving your running, speed, strength as well as bonding you with your club mates.

Congratulations to our K&D Women:

Pos Name Time
2 Jane Evans 00:21:26
3 Rachel Gifford 00:22:43
17 Rosie Marsh 00:24:00
20 Flick Sharp 00:24:15
24 Monica Green 00:24:25
25 Mary Heald 00:24:46
27 Jess Woolley 00:24:54
63 Kerry Thompson 00:27:02
86 Kathy Bailey 00:28:00
106 Jo Hitchcock 00:29:17
110 Jude Mansfield 00:29:23
111 Catherine Sherlock 00:29:25
181 Jan Hornby 00:33:36
214 Linda Whitehead 00:35:26
226 Amanda Crees 00:36:42
235 Katie Price 00:37:22
243 Caroline Edwards 00:38:41