National Road Relay Championships – Men’s Team 49th / Club 46th


There are 1365 registered athletics clubs in England. In a brilliant display of team work, humour, dedication and the K&D culture our Men’s team delivered a brilliant result against the very best athletes in England (and Wales).

Firstly, a massive thank you to Dave Carbutt and Ainsley Wainwright. Both men stepped in at the last minute to ensure K&D had a full team and showed the incredible strength in depth we now have. Legends. Ainsley hasn’t been well for a few days so the commitment to still turn out for the club is amazing and a great display of teamwork.

As an example of the quality of the field K&D competed against on Saturday Alex Yee ran the fastest 8.5km long leg of the day… in 24:57. Insane. 54 men ran under 30 minutes for 8.5km on the first leg alone. As the kids say: Race was LIT. Despite qualifying a couple of times before this was K&D’s Nationals debut.

After five hours of racing K&D emerged as the 46th best men’s club in England. A sensational result. 69 Team competed on the day and excluding the big boy’s B teams K&D’s 46th best men’s team is an incredible achievement against a field full of top class runners and internationals.

Full Results
(L) = Long Leg 8.5km-ish
(S) = Short Leg 5.2km-ish

Team – 46th Club/49th Overall – 5:00:28

Chris Sharp – 28:42 (L)
Paul Bentley – 19:18 (S)
Darren John – 31:01 (L)
Chris Morgan – 17:11 (S)
Rob Michaelson-Yeates (L)
Tim Price – 18:19 (S)
Jack Bristow – 31:04 (L)
David Carbutt – 18:48 (S)
Chris Thorley – 32:58 (L)
Ainsley Wanwright – 22:26 (S)
Gareth Wainwright – 30:37 (L)
Torsten Roesler – 18:56 (S)

With a team missing the talents of Joe Read, Simon Bentley, Ricky Stewart, Richard Dixon, Rob Ambrose, John Randall and many others – most teams would struggle… but none of that for K&D who now boast a strength in depth to rival all but the very biggest clubs in the country.

The Midland’s Autumn 6 Stage Road Relays take place in late September. K&D Men will be picking A and B teams of 6 men for each based on form to be as competitive as possible. We will then fill as many other teams as possible at these fantastic events. Midland Relay isn’t quite so fierce and we encourage everyone to join in!