Quiz Winners and Turkey Dinners


Congratulations to Man vs. Quiz who emerged victorious from a fierce battle at the first K&D Christmas Quiz. It was a tough battle but the team of John Collins, Andrew Knowles, Chris Thorley, Jack Bristow and Paul Baker battled to the title of K&D Quiz Champs. Looking at them it should have been obvious they have heads full of useless trivia but bookies had overlooked them as favourites in the run up.

Can We Have A P Please Bob took second, although a judges enquiry is ongoing as accusations of hiring a professional tv quiz star stirred among other teams following a tense tiebraker with Santa’s Little Helpers.

Thank you to Helix Sport who supplied two teams and our star prize – a Montane Adventure Pack – a fantastic prize and wonderful act of generosity. Congrats to Greg Turner who walked away with a fancy backpack and the unfortunate prospect of doing an Ultra to get the most use of it. Double Edged Backpack Sword.

Congrats to everyone on a fierce but laughter-filled battle and a special thank you to Fiona Holland, Jo Tork and her husband and master of ceremonies Matt. Fiona and Jo put an amazing amount of work in and pulled the entire night together – they produced an excellent night’s entertainment, despite having to allow the chairman to make bad jokes on the microphone.

Notes: If you haven’t paid yet but attended please either bring the money to club on Wed or transfer over to the club account. 

A K&D club survey will be out in Jan asking about everything from socials to training. Please keep an eye out as the committee are keen to keep on building a club that fits your needs and povide opportunities you enjoy.

Our traditional Club Parlouf is next wednesday.